Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Halloween II

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Amazing, amazing, amazing. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 4 is among my favourites in the entire series. Brooklyn Nine-Nine does Halloween right!

The Bet - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

First of all, I loved the cold open. Boyle trying on different costumes to the chagrin and amusement of the precinct. Goodness, that He-Man costume was terrible. Terrible!

I loved that we got a reprisal of Captain Holt and Jake's bet.  Last year I remember being excited that Jake won; Jake can sometimes come across as a man child, so having him get the upper hand on Captain Holt was fantastic.  

That being said, I was rooting for Captain Holt's revenge. I figured Jake wouldn't win twice in a row. For one, Holt would never underestimate him again. Two, Holt's due for some comeuppance. So while I knew his win was coming, I had no idea just how magnificent it would be.

Holt had everything planned for over a year. He used classical conditioning to modify Jake's behaviour at every turn (which, for this psychology major, is so gratifying). He had almost entire squad on his side, ready and willing to embarrass Jake just for the heck of it.  

He hired Fingers the pickpocket. He towed the car. He got on the party bus. He stole Jake's ID. People, Captain Holt was in freakin' costume!! I almost lost it when I saw him in costume!

Here's where Holt's plan was even more genius.  He had already won the bet when Fingers put the watch back in his pocket. He could have stopped there. However, that wasn't enough. Holt engineered a plan that ensured maximum humiliation for Jake - just because he could.  

Watching Jake get himself into worse and worse situations, only to realize at the end that Holt put him through all that just for the heck of it. Comedy gold.

The sheer genius of the Halloween bet storyline completely overshadowed the side story - the precinct's displeasure with Gina's irresponsibility.  Gina blew work off for dance practice, and when she's made to stay at work, gets kicked off the dance squad.  

We find out later that Gina's not actually being irresponsible, but trying to finish her college degree while juggling work and dance. This is something I relate to, now being back at university full-time and trying to juggle work and several other extracurriculars. It's quite hard. There's no time! There's never any time!

As much as I can relate, and as hilarious as the end was with Terry and Gina dancing, it was a bit out of place in this episode. I honestly would have preferred to see Gina in the thick of the bet, her natural madness being used in the plot. That being said, the story was still funny, and Gina and Terry have a great dynamic. 

There you have it. I loved this episode, and I'm already looking forward to next Halloween! Which Captain Holt started planning three months ago.


  • This is the most useful that Hitchcock and Scully have ever been! Their costumes were adorable.
  • We should all have a friend like Charles. He had to be abducted to keep him quiet, he would never betray Jake. 

Remember you can always watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online here on TV Fanatic. This episode in particular has great rewatch value!

Halloween II Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Captain, with all due respect, come on, homie!


Boyle: Every year I dress up and you guys never get who I am.
Rosa: We get what you are. A grown man who loves dress-up.