Sons of Anarchy Review: Tired of Counting Bodies

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At one point on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 2, Unser told Gemma he was tired of counting bodies.

But something tells me he better break out his calculator because the killing has just begun.

Gemma had hoped that giving Jax an outlet for his need for revenge would help him find closure concerning Tara's death. Boy, did she get that one wrong. It's only made him more blood thirsty than ever. 

Jax plans to take apart Lin piece by piece. First his business... then the people he cares about... and once he gets to live with the agony for a while, Jax will finally end him as slowly and painfully as possible.

Sounds like the days of a contemplative Jax Teller writing his thoughts in his journal and searching for ways to make the world a better place for his sons are long over. Is there any part of him that realizes how much Tara would hate this? The violence. The death. The constant need for vengeance.

It's what made Tara want to take those boys and run in the first place.

But I'd be lying if I said the club's escapades weren't fun to watch. Like Chibs almost flying off the end of the pickup truck during that wild ride. Or Tig verbally torturing Ratboy in the car. It's sick and twisted…and damn funny. 

Back home, Gemma tried to take care of the boys and it was so sad to hear little Abel worry that his grandma was OK. Little does he know that if it weren't for grandma, he'd still have a mommy. I wonder if he'll ever find out. 

And I'm wondering if Hell has frozen over because Wendy has become the most stable, reasonable person in all of Charming. Well, maybe second to Nero. 

As former addicts (Wendy only very recently former) who love their kids, these two have great chemistry. My favorite scenes were of Wendy and Nero in the car, talking about the toll of breaking their drug habits. Hers in rehab, his in prison where a soul crushing $2,000 a day opiate habit made him an easy target. I had to laugh when Wendy responded with, "Wow! You make me look like a pussy."

But Nero is all about the zen advice in this Sons of Anarchy quote

If I stay in truth and I give it to people straight. No lies, no spin, no games. I always know that whatever happens is going to be the right thing, whether I like it or not.


Something tells me that when it comes to Gemma, he's not going to like it. Not at all. 

Gemma got Juice out of Charming, but not before he held Unser in a bathtub over night. Juice picking up that kitchen knife had me scared, but I love how calm Unser always is. It's probably one of the things that has kept him alive in Charming all of these years. 

However, I do wish he had told Gemma about his deal to be an investigator for the new Sheriff. That's not something he can keep secret in Charming for very long. It would have been better to get ahead of it. You never know what Gemma might do when she feels threatened. Let's hope he keeps his carving utensils locked up. 

The new Sheriff may have made fun of the club's intellectual prowess, but Unser knows enough to both respect and fear Jax Teller as he tried to explain to Sheriff Jarry…

Jax Teller is formidable. As smart as he is dangerous.


But even Jax can't control all things. When Jury found Jimmy dead in his living room, it became clear the young man was more than hired muscle. And Jury certainly recognized the gun dropped on the floor as the one he put in the van earlier in that day. 

It's a good thing Happy knows a thousand places to bury bodies because I'm pretty sure that Mayberry is about to turn into the killing fields. And it's anyone's guess where it will all end. 

Tell us what you think, TV Fanatics. Will Juice be able to escape the club?

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