Reckless Review: One Heck of a Wild Ride

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I knew there would be twists and turns in Reckless Season 1 Episode 13. The entire series has been one heck of a wild ride but I never could have guessed where it would all end up. 

The Next Level

Let's start with Lee Anne. All season long she's been playing the victim. Those big doe eyes really sell it and yet I've continued to wonder whether she was truly drugged when they made that video on the hood of the police car. Finally I got my answer but it was far more complicated than I anticipated.

Not only was Lee Anne lucid when she made that tape, this law suit was a plan from the very beginning and her partner in crime was Dec! I really never saw that coming. Having the two conspirators meet in a church made for a stunning and highly ironic backdrop. Dec was right. It was far too late to be lighting a candle to save their souls. 

Lee Anne certainly has a way with men. She left Ronnie Porter wrecked and in a mental institution still thinking about how badly he wanted her. And all it took was a text message and Lee Anne crossing and uncrossing her legs, reminiscent of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct to have Ronnie recanting everything he'd told Roy just a day before. 

The one person Ronnie was honest with was Terry. He shared with Terry about he and Lee Anne's handcuff play and about the flower tattoo on her behind. It all sounded a little too familiar and had Terry calling out Lee Anne in this Reckless quote

The worst day of my life was the day I met you. Everything we did. Everything you said to me was a lie so you could get a big payday. What did I get? Ronnie Porter's sloppy seconds.


For all of the horrible things that Terry has done, I actually felt sorry for him. In his own way, I think he really loved Lee Anne and no one likes being used.  On the upside, the panty ripping scene was hot. I almost expected Terry to have them in his pocket in court. Telling the courtroom that he and Lee Anne just had sex 20 minutes ago and that they should swab them both to prove it was outrageous enough to make me laugh. 

One of the big questions of the night was where was Arliss. Apparently no one at the Charleston PD seemed to care, least of all Knox  which I found disappointing. I really expected better from him.

Preston took the case on himself and found a finger print belonging to Jasper Taggert. I knew it was far too easy when Preston found the freshly dug grave in the back yard. My question is, was Arliss hiding out in that shed the entire time? What was his plan? Was he simply waiting in the wings to see what Lee Anne did next or was he plotting his own escape from the craziness of Charleston. 

When Lee Anne's tears began to fall upon seeing her presumed dead hubby, I couldn't figure out if they were real or if she's just that good that she can cry on cue. Of course she didn't need the tears with Jamie. Jamie is bound by attorney / client privilege and can't rat out her client without being disbarred. 

Not to worry because the jury awarded Lee Anne $6.7 million in damages. No one can say it doesn't pay to get reckless. Now Lee Anne is dangerous, manipulative, and rich. Goodness knows what damage she can do next.

It bothered me that Jamie made that date with Roy while she was still actively seeing Preston. I felt so much better after she and Preston had their talk. Preston told her that their story wasn't over. I kind of hope he's right, if only because I want to see Reckless season 2!

As soon as I saw Roy and Shelby at the hospital I knew she was going to try and win him back and with those two little girls in the picture I couldn't really blame Roy for wrestling over doing the right thing. Thankfully, he did…

Then I realized a gentleman doesn't leave the woman he loves waiting alone.


Let's hear it for gentleman! Just as everything was finally heading in the right direction for Jamie and Roy, and by that I mean headed towards the bedroom with articles of clothing hitting the floor, the phone rang…

Dec had been shot, which might just make him the J.R. Ewing of Charleston. Sometimes all of that lying and scheming comes back to bite you with a bullet to the chest and plenty of people wanting to put it there.

Now that our sexy, summer fun is over, you tell me TV Fanatics. Do you want CBS to renew Reckless for season 2?

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I know you Lee Anne. I know you're better than this.


If anybody knows how you like it rough, it's me.