Reckless Review: Know Your Worth

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Jamie and Roy went head to head during jury selection for the biggest case of their careers on Reckless Season 1 Episode 11 but what happened behind the scenes was even more dramatic than anything that took place within the courtroom. 

But let's start at the beginning…

Did you see the look on Vi's face when Preston walked into the office with a smile and a box of Jamie's favorite donuts? I love Vi. She doesn't really have to say anything because you can read her thoughts by the expression on her face and it's always entertaining. 

Too bad her ex-husband wasn't smart enough to know what he had before he lost her. As Vi said in this Reckless quote

I never understood how anybody so educated could be so dumb.


Charles might be a brilliant doctor but sleeping with his patients and taking uppers to keep going was just plain stupid and most certainly reckless. If Vi and Jamie weren't so darn good at their jobs, he would have had to pay out millions. 

One of the things that annoyed me the most about Dr. Briggs was that whenever they spoke about Alex, he always said, "my son." Considering Vi is the boy's mother, shouldn't that have been, "our son?" it spoke to how, no matter how much he's screwed up or how well Vi has done for herself, he still believes he's superior to her. Vi can do much better.

Elsewhere, Dec showed Barbara his master plan for if he becomes mayor of Charleston. He'll wield his eminent domain powers to take over hundreds of acres of protected land and make millions of dollars. Barbara loved the idea but issued an ultimatum. Get rid of Lindsey and her unborn child.

When Dec told Lindsey he didn't love her, I didn't believe him for a minute. Unfortunately, he loves power, money, and status more. At least Lindsey got in one final dig before he sent her away. He's having a son…one he may never see. That's just sad. 

Terry's daddy was sprung from jail due to insufficient evidence and ended up back on Terry's doorstep. Pat McCandless is a difficult man to figure out. One moment he's insulting and propositioning Lee Anne and calling Terry weak, the next he's breaking a man's neck to save his son's life because…

Saving your ass is my job. You're my son.


They even buried the body together. I suppose there's nothing quite like the bonds of family, no matter how dysfunctional. 

Finally we get to Roy, Jamie, and Preston. When Preston said he'd never turn his back on the PD, all I could think was that he'd already done just that when he refused to turn in Terry. 

But the gloves definitely came off when Roy said that if Jamie ever asked him, he'd tell her that she deserves better than a guy like Preston. Preston shot back that he'll do anything necessary to keep Jamie. Anything? Something tells me this is going to get interesting. 

Then in a bold move I never expected, Roy went to Jamie. Is it just me or do these two visit one another an awful lot unannounced? This time Roy had something very important to say…

No matter what happens, win or lose. When this is all over I'm going to make you fall in love with me.


Wow! Talk about putting it all on the line. Roy Raydor knows how to impress a girl. 

Now don't forget Reckless fans. The two-hour season finale will air this SATURDAY on CBS at 8/7c. Something tells me you won't want to miss it.

Will you be tuning in for the 2-hour Reckless season finale this coming Saturday on CBS?

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