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On Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 3, when Clara declares she has always wanted to meet Robin Hood, The Doctor is eager to comply. 

After all, there's no such thing as Robin Hood!

Or is there? When they land in Sherwood forest and find a man declaring himself as Robin Hood and pretty damned handy with an arrow, The Doctor goes on the defensive. He will find the kink in that armor!

But what if there isn't one? Then what? Why isn't Sherwood Forest changing into autumn colors? What is happening here? And why is The Doctor finding it so difficult to stop the war he wants to wage proving himself better than Robin Hood?

Find out when you watch Doctor Who online!

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

Robin Hood: Whatever it is, you bony rascal, I'm afraid I'm must relieve you of it.
The Doctor: It's my property. That's what it is.
Robin Hood: Don't you know all property is theft to Robin Hood?
The Doctor: You can't be serious.
Robin Hood: I am many things, sir, but I am never that. Robin Hood laughs in the face of all! Ah ha ha ha haaaa!
The Doctor: Do people ever punch you in the face when you do that?
Robin Hood: Not as yet!
The Doctor: Lucky I'm here then, isn't it?

The Doctor: No castles, no damsels in distress, no such thing as Robin Hood! [arrow pierces the TARDIS]
Robin Hood: You called?!