Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 6: Full Episode Live!

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We have Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 6 right here ready for your viewing satisfaction. Why would you want to watch, you ask? Allow me to shed some light.

As the new Doctor has come on board, his relationship with Clara has changed. Clara has found a boyfriend and she has been battling two different sides of herself: Who she is with The Doctor and who she is with Danny Pink.

That's not something that can be carried on forever. Thanks to a sneaky, ne'er do well alien who decides to make a ruckus at the Coal Hill School where Clara and Danny work, The Doctor goes deep undercover by changing his coat and taking a position as the caretaker.

The caretaker cares for the school, will clean up the pesky alien problem and will also care for Clara, above all else. While doing all of these duties, The Doctor brought attention to himself. Danny may be only a maths teacher, but he is also insightful and capable of reading others.

Find out what happens when The Doctor, Danny Pink and Clara all come to the same space. How will The Doctor take Danny, former soldier? Find out when you watch Doctor Who online.

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

The Doctor: But he's a PE teacher. You wouldn't go out with a PE teacher! It's a mistake. You've made a boyfriend error.
Danny: I am not a PE teacher, I'm a maths teacher.
The Doctor: You're a soldier. Why go out with a soldier? Why not get a plant or a lamb.
Clara: Because I love him!

The Doctor: How can you think that I'm her dad when we both look exactly the same age.
Clara: We do not look the same age.
The Doctor: I was being kind.