Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5: Full Episode Live!

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We're already at Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 and The Doctor still seems to be grappling with his feelings for Clara. Yes, that really appears to be a "thing" and I don't think it's going to be as easy as saying she looks like a man for him to let it go.

Clara's second date was almost disturbed just as their first, but The Doctor did have her back in just the right amount of time so that she could get to the date on time.

The Doctor and Clara agree to have their minds wiped to participate in a bank heist, but it is most unusual. When The Doctor can't quite wrap his hands around what's going on or why the team mates he chose to participate in the heist keep dying, he formulates a new plan.

Is the heist all that it seems? Is there more or less to the story? How did the team come together and did they make it out of the situation alive? There are new characters introduced that you can find out about only if you take the time to stop what you're doing and click below so that you can watch Doctor Who online

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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Why is your face all colored in?

The Doctor

Danny: Meeting me. You are. Date. Second one.
Clara: Words are not in the right order but, hey, maths teacher.