Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Call It Macaroni

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Everyone is back and Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 1 dives straight into the drama. 

Six weeks have passed since Jin mailed his package to Halstead and later got popped. Voight is in the hot seat and his badge is on the line. 

Let's face it, the best part of Chicago PD is not the actual crimes, but the drama that surrounds the fabulous characters and this premiere didn't let us down. 

The most important story of the night was all about getting justice for Sheldon Jin. It wasn't easy to tell whether the killer was Voight or Stillwell, but it just didn't make sense for Voight to get his hands that dirty to kill someone onhis own team.Before heading out for the day, he made a comment to his team that sealed Stillwell as the doer.

Hey. We all go home tonight.


Halstead had concerns. Anybody with an ounce of sanity had to question whether it might be something Voight could do, after all, he is always hiding something. Halstead gave Voight the flash drive and that was pretty much all Voight needed to frame Stillwell and assure his badge. Jin was a technical whiz and he had enough dirt for Voight to pretty much do as he wants and cover his tracks for a long time.

As much as I wanted Stillwell to go down for the murder, losing Ian Bohen from the cast will hurt. He was welcome eye candy and I wish his role had been different, even if he plays bad so very, very good.

Voight's decision to come clean with his team about his work with Internal Affairs was commendable. Trust is important. But even though he swore he never ratted anyone out and his deal was to play dirty cop to drag down criminals, Lindsay felt betrayed. Their relationship will take a hit.

The men spoke without words. From Halstead it was a handshake to end the concern about the man who leads the team. They're just easier with each other. Part of Lindsay's reaction had to be tied to the repeated phone calls from Bunny.

What's a Bunny? Her mother. Lindsay's childhood was hell and to discover she has been betrayed by the man she trusted more than any other, the only real father figure she had? Well, Bunny's reappearance in Lindsay's life was bad timing.

It's a shame we never met Jin's parents before he died. Was it just me or did his mom look a heck of a lot older than her husband? Thanking Voight for helping her son achieve his dream of being a cop? {{Gulp}} That was the catalyst for Voight to come clean. He even went all Robin Hood for a bit by giving Jin's dad some of his dirty cop spoils so he could dig himself out of debt.

It's awesome seeing Olinsky in action. Unlike any others he always rocks the cases. He got to drop the bomb on Halstead that his former collar had put a $100k bounty on Halstead's head for killing his brother. Dude, you start shooting at cops, you're going down. Some kids never learn. Should we be concerned for Halstead? Hell no. He's going nowhere fast.

We got to meet Burgess' new partner. Guess who it is! Detective Jim Halloran from Ray Donovan! Well, his name is Sean Roman here and he's a mere officer. Actor Brian Geherity seems to have found his niche! I'm not sure what to make of him yet. He has an attitude very similar to Atwater, but he also appears to have a problem with women cops. 

Did you hear him introduce Burgess as his "woman partner" or something like that? What the heck? Thanks for being detailed, dude, but I'm pretty sure the eyes have it on this one. No need to expand. 

While Burgess may be suffering the rough waters of getting to know a new partner, she's not having any issues in her love life. She and Ruzek are hot and heavy for some nice #Burzek action. They really fit, don't they? Since #Linstead is on ice, let's see as much Burzek as possible.

Even with Chicago PD picking up six weeks later just as Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 1 did earlier, Lindsay still made no mention of Severide. Have they broken up while we were away? Severide is dealing with Shay's death so commitment might not be a strong point for him now.

Driving home how times have changed was Sylvie Brett (See how you have to watch both shows in order to get the full picture? Didn't catch her name last night.), the paramedic who joined Firehouse 51 in the wake of Shay's death, hanging with the CPD boys at Molly's. Bittersweet scene indeed.

With the premiere, are we assured we will no longer have Internal Affairs looking over Voight's shoulder? Can we make the assumption another agent won't come in to take over where Stillwell left off? It seems that way. Whether he'll change the way he operates or give up his dirty cop schtick remains to be seen. His bundle of money should do him good for now.

So many questions, an entire season to find out. What did you think of the premiere? Are you enjoying more of the seamless Chicago world? Hit the comments and be sure to watch Chicago PD online if you need to catch up.

Call It Macaroni Review

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Hey. We all go home tonight.


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