The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: Sorry Not Sorry

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Kids are growing up and moving on! Vicki's standing by her man! Shannon Beador's still taking the crazy pills.

After 17 grand episodes, it's all come down to this. The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 18, aka, the season 9 finale, will see the girls all gathering to break bread after Bali.

Will apologies flow as freely as the champs? Or will the sparks that fly over dinner light a fire big enough to burn down the OC?

Let's find out how the season ends with our TVF +/- review...

The ladies are all back from Bali and Tamra's still upset about how their last night went. She was so upset while there she ended up taking an earlier flight home, alone. 

Shannon's having lemonade with David. Instead of vodka. Probably to prove she does NOT have a drinking problem. She and David are also sleeping in the same bed and going to bed at the same time now. Plus 10.

Heather calls Tamra to see how Tamra's doing and Tamra says she walked away from the table to keep from attacking Lizzie. Heather's Team Tamra. 

Shannon, however, tells David that she thinks there's a possibility that she and Heather will be friends in the future, all the while Heather's filling Tamra in on everything Shannon said after Tamra left. Shannon does NOT want everyone to get along, that's for sure. Minus 8

Vicki's throwing a party and Tamra's not sure she wants to be there. 

Vicki's parties are always so...great. Yeah. Vicki throws a great looking party. Plus 10.

Christian and Lizzie get ready to go to Vicki's party and Christian puts product in his hair just to make it look like he didn't put product in it. Then Lizzie calls Tamra a sociopath.

On the ride over, Heather asks Terry how he plans to handle David. Terry doesn't plan to handle David at all. He has nothing at all to say to "that guy." God, I love Terry Dubrow.

Brooks shows up early to Vicki's and they're ready to "handle" Tamra. Do NOT love Brooks Ayers. So, so gross. So very. Minus 10.

As Heather and Terry walk in, she whispers "whatever you do, don't put your feet on the couch." Plus 65.

David wastes zero time apologizing to Terry and Heather for his comment about spreading her legs and riding it hard at their party. Terry says their kids were there, it was weird. David keeps apologizing.

It's hard to tell if he's sincere or not. Terry and Heather don't seem to buy it. Vicki does. Shannon can tell they don't and the drama begins.

Heather pulls Vicki aside to tell her that she feels like Shannon is playing both sides of the game. Vicki, of course, doesn't think Shannon's doing that. Vicki is wrong.

Tamra wants to salvage her friendship with Vicki since they've been friends for 8 years. 

Lizzie's approach to interacting with Tamra is...not to interact with Tamra. Plus 4. Seems legit.

Vicki toasts the men for supporting their women and letting them go to Bali and then commands them all to loosen up. While she talks to Shannon about cotton underpants, Tamra asks Brooks if she can speak to him.

Tamra tells Brooks she's not innocent in the fights with Vicki and Brooks about their relationship and he holds her hands and says "we've all made mistakes." Then they hug it out. 

Tamra's burning that dress when she gets home.

Vicki suggests they all play some games and Tamra says there are a couple of games she doesn't like to play. The alphabet game and "Marry, Shag, F..." and then she straight up calls Lizzie out. 

Lizzie and Tamra can't really come to any sort of conclusion about how that night went and who meant what. Lizzie says Tamra's "almost 50" and then Tamra gives Lizzie the best nickname since she called Alexis "Jesus Jugs."

"Kentucky Fried Titties." Plus 100.

After Tamra calls everyone out on their silence at the table, Heather points out the fact that Shannon told Tamra not to call Heather and then told Vicki not to call Tamra and Shannon sits like she's never heard of either person before in her life.

Terry and David jump into the fray when Shannon brings up the "taking the Beador's down" comment from Lizzie's beach party and after Terry inadvertently insults Christian (a "construction guy"), he calls David Beador "penis." Plus 50.

Vicki sits back and watches it all go down, disbelieving that it's even happening. 

Shannon says she left "Old Shannon" in Bali and refuses to engage at dinner. Then Lizzie says, in an interview, "all of this is really miniscule stuff..."

GEE, LIZZIE! REALLY?!?! Tamra missed your THIRTY-FOURTH BIRTHDAY for her sick daughter. Bah! Minus 12.

After the party ends, Tamra still has to say goodbye to Ryan, and all she can do is cry.

Complaining Tamra - The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 18

"I don't know what the f*** to even say"--Ryan. Son of the Year award. Minus 12

Tamra's in the middle of a crazy custody battle with Simon, running a business, being married to Eddie, and her baby boy firstborn is leaving for Northern California to marry a woman who looks surprisingly like his mother. So that's not weird and difficult for her at all.

And now it's time for Briana, Ryan, and Troy to leave, too. They're moving to Oklahoma City and Vicki knows that "from this day forward, life will never be the same."

Vicki can't stop crying "you're taking my family from me. It feels like I'm losing my best friend." Ugh. This is gut-wrenching. I actually feel bad for Vicki right now. 

Here's what happened after the camera's stopped rolling:

Shannon and David are selling their house for $13.5 million because "family is the most important thing."

Lizzie and Christian are going to start trying for a third baby on Lizzie's next birthday.

Heather's in the drama series "Sequestered" and still has a year of renting before their mansion is ready.

Ryan moved to northern California and Tamra's going to be a GRANDMOTHER.

Vicki and Brooks are still together, but she's selling her Coto house. She's been to Oklahoma 7 times to see Briana.


What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 18? Will these ladies ever be able to get along?

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