The Real Housewives of New Jersey Review: Pimping the Garbage Truck

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Only on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Episode 6 do you see people trying to pimp out their garbage truck. We recap the cannoli and muddy Jimmy Choo's in our +/- review...

Melissa Gorga will be the brains behind selling the Gorga's new business venture. Her plan: to bedazzle the truck used to shred important documents. Brilliant! Not quite. Minus 15. 

FYI…"going green gives you wings" might get you a lawsuit from Red Bull.

And I LOVE that that the guy at Emporio Motor Group called Melissa out on being green. Plus 31 Especially since her Bentley gets about 8 miles to the gallon.

In five minutes Melissa managed to make every stereotype about girls being lousy in science (or any other intellectual pursuit) look true. Minus 22.

But we can't just blame her for pulling women's equality down into the basement. The other Housewives certainly did their share. 

Let's take Nicole, who never thought she'd have to work or make a "man's salary" until after her divorce. She might find it shocking to find out that millions of women in this world have not only jobs that support their families but thriving careers, even when they're married. I know. It's shocking. 

Of course her sister Teresa's husband Rina managed to dig below basement level as he told his son that he needs to be a success because, "Money leads to any woman in the world that you want." Glad to hear we can all be bought and paid for. Minus 50.

I suppose when you buy your wife $1,800 Jimmy Choo's to walk around in on a muddy construction site, perhaps that really is your point of view on the women of the world. 

Moving right along…it was Gia's 13th birthday and despite Juicy Joe threatening to kick the ass of the kid who kissed her, their conversation was pretty cute and it's good that he talks to his daughter about boys. Plus 13.

And once again we think that Milania needs her own show…or maybe a guest appearance on Scared Straight for elementary school kids. 

Does anyone think that Kathy's only role this season is to bring the cannoli? 

Rosie introduced her girlfriend Ellen, whom she met last season. As Melissa pointed out, we're suddenly seeing Rosie's soft mushy side.

Finally we get to Amber…

Amber thinks the mortgage commercial with the kids is awesome! Correction, it's awesomely painful. I think I'd rather watch an hour of the Guidice kids than spend five minutes with the Marchese brood. It's all just too cringe worthy for words, especially with Jim wearing his Mr. Rogers sweater.  Minus 37. 

Nicole breaks down and calls Amber to meet over cappuccino and biscotti. It's funny how ticked off Amber is because Melissa spread her rumor. 

Amber doesn't seem to understand that when a friend hears a horrible rumor about another friend, they squash it! They don't spread it around. Minus 23.

To make matters worse, she calls Nicole's boyfriend Bobby a gigolo and says he's playing Nicole for a fool. Of course she doesn't say it to Nicole's face, just to the camera. 

Perhaps the fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey should make their own vision boards for what they want to see next season because I don't think this is it.

Episode total = -103! Season total = -587!

Which of the Housewives kids would you rather watch on TV?

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