Reckless Review: No One Has To Know

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It sounded like the mantra of Reckless Season 1 Episode 7. No one has to know.

If only that were the case because eventually, the truth comes out for everyone.

The Romance of the Dance - Reckless Season 1 Episode 7

We'll start with Lee Anne and Terry…Lee Anne made a new friend in City Councilwoman Joyce Reid but could Lee Anne really trust her. Albeit, Joyce's story about her past was convincing but I had to agree with Lee Anne's original assessment: People don't just help people, especially politicians.

Arliss was a mess. Was he ticked off about being dressed up and dragged to the ball or was it seeing Terry there that really got under his skin? Once he started drinking things went down hill quickly. 

I could understand Arliss' suspicions about Joyce's offer of her carriage house but where are he and Lee Anne living these days? It's hard to say no when you're homeless. 

I wasn't surprised to find that Terry had followed Lee Anne after realizing she was upset. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her at the ball. He loves her in his own twisted way but more than that, he wants her. 

As Terry was whispering that no one has to know and pulling down the zipper of Lee Anne's dress, all I could think was, doesn't he have a camera set up in that office? So much for no one has to know!

Even Dec fell victim to the mantra. Somehow he believed he could lead separate lives. His wife in one, his mistress in the other. As though no one ever had to know. Unfortunately for him the two sides collided at the Mayor's ball. Dec might have missed the signs but his wife sure didn't. Let's face it, getting your mistress pregnant is definitely reckless.

The best part about Megan Hixon trying to piggy back Lee Anne's case was watching Jamie take her down. Correction…the best part was the look of pride on Roy's face when she did it. Despite being on the opposing side, he was proud to watch Jamie win that small victory. 

Speaking of Jamie and Roy, the gravitational pull between them has never been stronger, even when Roy tried to brush off their kiss as just a hot night and too many beers. Seriously? Was anyone buying that?

Their state of denial didn't last long. All it took to make those walls crumble was a beautiful slow dance at the ball as they flirted shameless in this Reckless quote

Roy: I'm surprised you let me lead.
Jamie: You can lead me anywhere you want.

If only that was the case. Let's face it, with the chemistry these two were exuding on the dance floor, anyone with eyes would know what was going on between them.

When Roy whispered that they could be together and no one had to know, Jamie pulled back and ran. I almost wondered if she lost a shoe on the way out of the ball. 

What do you think Reckless fans, should Roy and Jamie have a secret affair?

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ms. Sawyer, the law waits for no one. If you can't catch up to it with those heels on perhaps you should wear flats.


Just a hot night and too many beers.