Reckless Review: Boys Being Boys

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There were plenty of boys being boys on Reckless Season 1 Episode 8. The good news was that every once in a while a boy grows up to be a good man. 

At least that was the case when it came to Roy Raydor. it's hard not to like Roy. Once upon a time he may have been the punk high school kid who spiked the punch but Lexie still knew she could come to him for help when she was desperate. 

Roy always does what he thinks is right, even when it's not easy. That's a trait that can be hard to find.

Dec threatened Roy's job if he wouldn't drop Lexie's case. Roy wouldn't back down. The Raven's Club threatened to air his family's dirty laundry and Roy still wouldn't back down. In fact, it just made him angry and more determined.

The saddest part of the hour was realizing that Roy's mother walked away from him as a boy in order to save her own skin after helping the man she was having an affair with steal money from the city. The only moment I had a bit of respect for her was when she said she'd been "stone stupid" at the time. Very true, but it's sad that she was only talking about the stealing, not about giving up on her son. 

She claimed she didn't have a choice but there's always a choice, it just might not be an easy one. Roy couldn't wrap his mind around how his mother could have walked away. He'd never do that to his girls. 

The only time I disagreed with Roy during this episode was when he asked Lee Anne those questions about her sex life. I know he was doing his job but what difference does it make when she lost her virginity. Jamie was right as she pointed out in this Reckless quote. No one was asking Terry those types of questions because somehow it's not nearly as salacious...

My client is promiscuous but Terry and his buddies are just boys being boys and that's what I can't tolerate.


Unfortunately, Lee Anne's own behavior is about to come back to bite her. She just couldn't seem to stay away from Terry. I found it interesting that Terry's first thought in getting his payday was that he could whisk Lee Anne away and they could start a new life together. If you took away the whole criminal gun running, extramarital affair, sharing her on the hood of the patrol car thing, it would actually be kind of romantic. 

When Vi found that camera a lot of thoughts went through my mind. One was about Lee Anne and Terry's romp after the Mayor's ball and Jamie and Vi certainly got quite the view. 

So glad that Ed, the police tech guru came back. I really enjoyed the sweet chemistry between he and Vi. These two are a fun sort of odd couple and I hope to see them again in the future.

But the most alarming thought about the feed from that camera was about Preston. If Terry had heard what Preston said to Jamie, he would have easily figured out that Preston was undercover. Instead, a last minute change on the buyers part outed the police involvement and ended up with Preston taking a bullet.

So what do you think TV Fanatics? Will Terry shoot Preston?

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sometimes people just kill people.


Roy: I will never ask for permission to save an innocent woman from jail, Dec.
Dec: I know Lexie and she's no innocent.