Reckless Review: A Moment of Weakness

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Was it a moment of weakness when Terry chose not to kill Preston in order to save himself in Reckless Season 1 Episode 9 or was it self preservation? Or perhaps a glimpse of Terry's twisted but still present moral compass making itself known. 

One thing's for certain, Terry knows how to spin a tale to save his behind. When he woke up handcuffed to his hospital bed, he didn't miss a beat before telling Knox how he got a tip about the gun running…and how he saved Preston's life. 

If you would have told me last week that Preston would choose to keep his mouth shut and protect Terry, I never would have believed it. Was he simply that grateful that Terry didn't kill him when he had the chance? Does he honestly believe that Terry's worth a second chance? 

Poor Knox must feel like he's gotten thrown under the bus on this one. He's put months into this undercover operation to weed out the corruption in his department and now it's all fallen apart as the people both above and below him cover their own asses. I doubt Knox will ever trust anyone in the department ever again.

Elsewhere, Lee Anne had a moment of weakness. At least that's what she told Jamie it was but the truth was, she and Terry couldn't seem to stay away from one another. Once again, Lee Anne said she was seeing Terry for the last time. Did anyone believe that?

I felt the worst for Arliss. He's trying to be a good guy. He's going to AA and asking Jamie to have  his wife's back. Little did he know what she's still been doing behind his.

Speaking of Jamie, I loved watching her go up against Dec, the silver fox in the courtroom. He's such a charmer, no matter what side he's on. 

Oddly enough, their case had me seeing both sides. Personally I'm not a fan of that kind of shock jock radio but part of me agreed that no one forced Amber to go on that show nor forced Mason to cheat on his wife. The tipping point was that Bentley targeted Mason specifically to publicly humiliate him. He may not have meant for it to end in the man's suicide but his overall intention was to do him harm.

Dec's got his hands full with Lindsey. It seemed like he had trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that she wanted him to be a father to their child, not just a lifelong ATM. That might be a new concept for Dec. Either way, I can't imagine Barbara is just going to sit back and allow Dec to start his new little family without consequences.

Roy set Jamie up to drop the sexual harassment suit and even Jamie had to admit he did it well. As much as I might want to see these two in a more intimate setting, I have to admit that even their sparring causes sparks. 

The saddest part was that Jamie was considering going back to Preston now that she knew he was undercover, as she told Roy in this Reckless quote

Jamie: He's going to need me Roy.
Roy: You know if something terrible happened to me, I would want you there by my side as well.

My goodness, I love that Roy is such a good guy but I'd love to see him get a little more Reckless. And can Jamie really look past Preston having sex with Lee Anne, undercover or not?

Now the big question becomes, who leaked the sex tape? How will it affect the case and will everyone survive the aftermath?

You tell us TV Fanatics, who do you think leaked the sex tape?

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