Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Scream for Me"

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Ready to discuss Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8?

We're kind of amazed that Zack has turned into a skeevy scumbag, wondering how far Ali will take her latest lies and musing about Toby's decision to join the Harrisburg Police, among other things.

Join TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica as they dissect the latest installment and join in when you hit the comments with your thoughts. On we go!


How far will Ali go to get people to buy into her latest lies?

Leigh: Ali will pretty much stop at nothing and we all know that. It's sad what an intricate web of lies she has spun. She's desperate.

Teresa: Obviously she's not above breaking a few laws, but I think she'll stick to pettier crimes like perjury as opposed to arson and assault like A. But she really needs to bring her friends in on her plans and listen to their reasonable objections to her manipulations.

Nick: Well she's clearly not above letting Noel break into the Marin house to spin a more intricate web of lies. She's become more desperate the longer she's been in Rosewood, so the worst is probably about to come from Ali.

Carissa: Ali's really sick in the head. She is desperate for the love and attention of her Liars Posse, but willing to scare them more than A to stick to her web of deception. I think she'd sell her friends down the river to protect herself and tearing the Liars apart makes that possible.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Is Zack scum or is something else going that he hit on Hanna?

Leigh: Zack is scum. This plot line helped further the tension between Hanna and Aria and push Hanna away from her friends.

Teresa: I want to believe that this is some A scheme, but I don't have a lot faith in the writers to be that clever.

Nick: I would like to believe that he's having cold feet or commitment issues, so, therefore, Zack's trying to flirt with Hanna so he can drop out of the relationship without resorting to cold feet. It's sad to see a guy who made Ella so happy, and bring her on a dream vacation be such a jerk to their relationship.

Carissa: It would be easy to pin it all on A if the role of skeevy scum had been played with even a hint of desperation. He didn't even flinch when fondling her or jumping in her car. As he was alone with Hanna, he could have dropped the ball and told her the truth. He's the adult. I have to side with Nick.

How Sid and Nancy will Hanna and Caleb get before someone steps in?

Leigh: I don't think they will stop until something happens that scares or jolts them out of it. Hanna doesn't really care what her friends have to say about anything. Alison is drama and she doesn't want to be around it.

Teresa: I'm actually surprised Momma Marin hasn't stepped in yet. Her mother is usually the most clued in to what her daughter is up to.

Nick: I'm along the same lines as Leigh on this one. Things will be rocky until something dramatic breaks them out of it. I think Caleb is mostly looking for closure from Ravenswood, and Hanna needs to sort out her beef with Ali.

Carissa: Caleb needs to tell Hanna what went down in Ravenswood. As much as it didn't fit into the Liars' scenario, he's dealing with it as a character and since Hanna has her own stuff going on, he's just dragging her further down. Maybe they'll have to get arrested for underage drinking or something.

Thoughts on Toby joining the Harrisburg police?

Leigh: Interesting storyline, I wonder how far they will go with it. Remember when Toby was A that one time? They need a friend on the inside but really they need someone who works for Rosewood PD. 

Teresa: I think the show just doesn't know what to do with him. The relationship drama between Toby and Spencer is pretty much gone now that he's not on the A team and she's not crazy (or strung out on pills). Unfortunately, as Toby pointed out, Rosewood doesn't have the best record when it comes to police. Hopefully, Toby will survive his time as an officer without becoming corrupt or dead.

Nick: I like that one of them is thinking about their future. Officer Toby has a nice ring to it. If the show ever does a time jump, then Toby's role becomes even more vital as they'll have an inside man.

Carissa: Well, he is a good sleuth and has the low-down on the criminal element, so it's probably a better move than being a carpenter.

What one storyline would you fix and how?

Leigh: It's probably asking too much but I'd like to understand and be able to keep track of everything. Also the whole cop-out on Ezra being A. He was and then he wasn't. Just stick with something.

Teresa: Aria's. Always Aria. Maybe she could be just a little less annoying.

Nick: The A storyline. It's just not fun to continually have the rug pulled out from under me. Constant red herrings, random bodies, creepy dolls, and more get annoying. When Mona was A everything prior began making sense, and I wish that the show had stuck with that instead of making another A. It's only gotten worse since Ezr'A'. Alison returning should have brought a lot of answered questions, but instead we're no closer now than we ever were. Shana was an awful plot device and nothing more; Shana was not, nor did she ever feel like, an A.

Carissa: Agreeing with Nick here again. We've still never received a full explanation on EzrA and the Shana device was horrible. Bury A, let Mona be the big bad and the mysteries of Bethany Young and Mrs. D's death are plenty to work with before someone else gets murdered.

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