Downton Abbey Season 5: New Photos!

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Are you aching for Downton Abbey Season 5 to begin?

If we recall from the first Downton Abbey Season 5 trailer, Carson suggests things are in flux on the estate, but these newly-released photos don't really offer much by way of hints to the changes we might encounter.

Mary is hunting, not just for a mate, but apparently for game as she is joined by Tom and Anthony Gillingham with some shotguns. Meanwhile, her son George is with a nanny.

Isobel is out and about and Cora is standing with but away from house guest Simon Bricker -- with her arms crossed. Why is she sharing a portrait with the Art Historian and not her husband?

The character probably most likely to change will be Lady Edith, with missing George Carmichael and a child hidden on the estate, but she's not the focus in this group of photos.

Flip through, enjoy and keep an eye on TV Fanatic for all the latest Downton news!

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