True Blood at Comic-Con: More Tara, More Romance, More Bill and Sookie

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Attention, True Blood Fanatics:

You have not seen the last of Bill and Sookie as a couple. Or of Tara.

Executive Producer Brian Buckner offered up a number of teases regarding True Blood Season 7 during the show’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego on Saturday.

For starters, come on: Bill and Sookie will end up together... right?

"They might,” said Buckner. “They’re in each other’s spheres, for sure. At the end of the day, it’s a television show, right? This show worked because of the chemistry they shared... I certainly felt, going into [the final season], that we had to come back to Bill and Sookie."

Viewers have been treated to a number of final season flashbacks, with Bucker explaining their purposes serves to help the characters find each other again.

"With Bill, we got a character who we turned into a vampire god, and he wasn’t that nice,” he explained. “The thinking there was, as Bill tries to find his way back to himself, let’s give him a little help by flashing back to his human life."

Other key notes, tidbits and True Blood spoilers from the panel:

  • The James-Lafayette relationship is “not done evolving,” Buckner promises. There is A LOT more on tap.
  • We “haven’t seen [Tara's] last day,” Buckner teased, implying that her story is set to take a crazy turn.
  • Sam Trammell said "we’ll see how committed I am to her and how committed she is to staying" when asked about his character's future with Nicole.
  • Arlene is totally about to get it on with new vampire Keith. “I don’t think you introduce a hot vampire on True Blood without doing something with them,” Carrie Preston said. “This season, I feel like I really arrived on True Blood because I got a vampire exploding in my crotch... and maybe there’s some stuff coming up between Arlene and Keith that I’ve never had to do on camera before."

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