The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: Housewives Divided

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One thing's for sure: Lizzie Rovsek will probably think twice before she hosts another dinner party and invites people she knows are in the middle of an epic feud. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 14 picks up with the aftermath of the fight between Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow at Lizzie's soiree. Yes, the one where Shannon decided to rant and rave about how THEY WOULD ALL SEE THE TRUTH which is that she might be crazy.

Let's jump right into the drama with our TVF +/- review...

Shannon continues to scream at Heather and Tamra continues to scream at Shannon to stop screaming. Shannon's convinced everyone's painting her to be some kind of monster and cannot at all see how she's off her rocker.

Lizzie's trying to smooth things over so she can salvage her party, but what she seems to be doing is siding with Shannon. 

Heather asks to speak to Tamra alone and Vicki posits that Tamra's scared of Heather and is sicking Shannon on Heather to protect herself. Vicki goes out to speak to Shannon while Heather and Tamra wonder if Shannon's having a psychotic break and needs an ambulance.

Christian says there's no way they're calling an ambulance. 

Shannon refuses to leave the party because she doesn't want to be the irrational one who has to leave the party, but Vicki and David, as well as Lizzie, say she needs to leave. She doesn't want to make an announcement to the group, but does anyway and says that getting upset is out of her character. 

Instead of just saying she needs to leave, she continues trying to apologize and then lays their exit on David saying he wants to go.

Shannon expected an apology from Heather for being kicked out. Heather does apologize, for any of the drama at the party that might have been about her. Plus 5?

In the limo, Shannon thanks David for being so strong for her at the party and then says she reacted in a way that is uncharacteristic for her. (Not so far, but she's a bit out of touch...)

The next day, Lizzie, Danielle, and Tamra get together for drinks and Heather says she's rethinking every word and gesture she may have made the night before. Tamra says she doesn't remember much of the evening because she had a few too many to drink. 

Tamra can't remember telling Shannon that Terry Dubrow said they would take the Beadors down. Maybe she did. She was drinking. She can't remember. Minus 15.

Tamra's heard from multiple people that Shannon's just plain crazy and if you hear things from multiple places, it must be true. Right? MUST BE. 

She throws out that the Beadors don't sleep in the same room, Shannon drinks vodka straight, and they all conclude she needs professional, Western medicine help but decide that maybe a girls trip is the answer to their problems. Oh, and champs, of course. (Of course.) Minus 20.

Brooks and Vicki deal with the aftermath by ordering breakfast and deciding to take a walk. Shannon texted Vicki that morning and Brooks wonders if Tamra's behind all of the things going down.

Vicki just wants to stay on everyone's good side and doesn't see that Shannon has done anything wrong. Then Brooks talks about how he's never had more fun with anyone else in his life--including a guy--than one Vicki Gunvalson.

SCREEEEEEEEEEECH! Brooks Ayers just said he had a tryst with another guy once upon a time. Which, hey, whatever trips your trigger, dude, but I can't say I saw that one coming.

Moving forward, Brooks wants to move in with Vicki. He says it scares him to share a bathroom with someone, but then there's part of him that's such a grifter that he's probably just looking for someone to float his lifestyle. 

He has 9 months left on his lease, but Vicki needs to talk to Briana and see if she can't work some of this out, so that's what she's going to do.

Shannon, drinker of vodka and wearer of crazy pants, goes to see Dr. Moon at the Energy Medicine Center for a little "healing hand." Minus 12.

Crazy. Pants.

The Energy Medicine Center might be in a motel, but I can't be sure. 

Lizzie calls her and says that Shannon leaving the party and her actions were justified, but she's not sure she trusts Lizzie because Lizzie's been on the other side for so long. 

Lizzie thinks it's odd that Heather has never apologized for anything that has transpired between herself and Shannon. While Heather's not pure as the snow in this, Shannon's CRAY CRAY. 

Bottom line, Lizzie wants to stay out of the drama and be Shannon's friend. And Heather's friend. And oh, by the way, she's having a birthday party and Heather can't come so would Shannon like to attend? 

Tamra's folding towels when Ryan comes over. She's gotten an email from Simon stating that he's trying to take their kids away. That's tough on her as she's struggling with the 50% status of their custody agreement.

Ryan drops the bomb on her that he's going to move up north with his girlfriend of a couple of months. His girlfriend that he met on Instagram. His girlfriend who has three daughters and a job at the top end of the state.

Tamra's heartbroken that her son is leaving and doesn't think he's realizing what he's doing. He was just diagnosed with Hemachromatosis and she doesn't think he's thinking clearly.

Tamra wants to meet her and Ryan says talking to her gives him anxiety. 

In other parent-child relationships, Vicki asks Briana to have a joint session with her therapist and calls Briana her best friend.

Briana hates that she's getting a guilt trip about moving. Vicki hates that Briana doesn't like Brooks. This therapist has his work cut out for him. 

And he's good! Plus 10.

Vicki is convinced that eventually Briana is going to give Brooks the stamp of approval. Vicki shouldn't hold her breath.

Tamra and Eddie are preparing dinner for Tamra's mom and her mom's boyfriend and Ryan and Sarah. She looks A LOT like Tamra. It IS weird. 

Sarah's a gun seller? She sells tactical supplies to law enforcement and military in Orange County and her daughters love Ryan. Sarah's a very strong woman who gets completely grilled by Tamra and Grandma over dinner. 

Her mom died of cancer at 48 and her dad killed himself. With a gun. Tamra just loses it through the conversation and then Ryan changes the topic and says they've been looking at the Grand Ballroom in Sacramento and may or may not have set a date to get married. 

September 6th. 

Tamra gets up to get a drink and rattles on "this has been a really bad week" and "shoot me" and "f*ck me" and then begs to be included in the planning and bursts into tears. 

Her hormones are all out of whack and she is totally FREAKING OUT. Epic. Meltdown. 

There's just been too much unhappiness for her this week. She gets up to walk outside and Eddie follows her. He tells her to let Ryan grow up and be independent and make these decisions for himself.

Tamra: "She's gonna take Ryan away and everyone's gonna be gone."

Eddie: "You're a mess."

Way to go, Mister Sensitivity! Minus 30.

Tamra goes back in to say goodbye to her guests and just can't stop crying as she tells Ryan and Sarah goodbye. 

Hey, at least he said they set a date and not "Surprise! We're married!" Plus 25. At least there's that.


What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 14? Is Shannon Beador LEGIT CRAZY? Were you shocked to learn that Brooks once had a relationship with a man? Is Tamra's son Ryan making a huge mistake?

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