Switched at Birth: Watch Season 3 Episode 14 Online

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On Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 14 Bay and Emmett grow closer, just as Bay discovers Melody may be taking a job in another state.

Emmett learns his family is expanding and there is nobody he'd rather share it with than Bay.

Travis and Mary Beth spend some time together and share something special.

Regina encourages Daphne to apply for scholarships for both the hearing impaired and Latina students. Daphne has reservations.

Find out what else is going on when you watch Switched at Birth online!

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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Bay: You will always have me.
Emmett: Seeing you and being with you is the best part of every day.

Daphne: No, because people hold it against them in the same way they hold deafness against me. I know what it feels like.
Regina: So you're not Latina because you don't feel burdened enough? Me and your grandmother and generations before us faced discrimination because our name is Vasquez. You don't think that affects you?