Reckless Review: Squashed Like a Bug

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The "Blind Sides" just kept coming on Reckless Season 1 Episode 4, especially for Jamie, who got the rug pulled out from under her every time she seemed to get back up on her feet.

It felt as though the boys were getting Reckless but Jamie's heart was paying the price.

Let's start at the beginning. Preston ran all the way to Jamie's place after seeing that incriminating picture of himself she left open on his laptop. I really did feel for the guy. He looked absolutely frantic to try and explain but since this is an undercover operation, there was very little he could say. 

He had to feel horrible when Jamie took her key back with tears in her eyes in this Reckless quote

Do you know how many times in my life I've given someone a key to my home? Never, but I gave one to you.


Ouch! But that was just the beginning for them both. 

With his love life in tatters, Preston went all in at work and pushed Terry to bring him along on a gun buy that quickly turned into an ambush. Guess it's hard to steal guns from the evidence room when the person manning the door is no longer your girlfriend and the entire department is under a microscope. 

Speaking of which, how awesome was Holland Know in this episode? From calling Terry out to joking about the abusive Coach to ribbing Roy about what he'd do if he became mayor…

My first official act will be to fire the city attorney. That guy is such an ass.


Knox was on a roll. It was also good to find out why Roy and Knox are so close. The knee injury that ended Knox's football career before it began happened when a young, cocky Roy Raydor shot his mouth off. It was an event that shaped their friendship and the men they'd both become. 

Lee Anne was still reeling from having her house blown up and all eyes were on Terry as the prime suspect. Maybe I'm a sucker for love but I actually believed Terry when he told Knox…

I'd never do anything to hurt her. I love her. That's the truth.


Because I think in his own twisted, possessive way he really does. He also doesn't seem stupid enough to use a bomb that could easily be traced back to him. Something tells me Terry would get more creative than that. 

When Lee Anne told Jamie to screw the settlement and fight, I wasn't sure whether to worry or cheer. The rational side of my brain says she should take the money and run but I do love the idea of her and Jamie joining forces to beat the bad boys of Charleston. 

And the bad boys are everywhere. Just when I thought Dec was one of the good guys, it turns out he and his wife have a mutually open relationship, as long as their dalliances are kept out of the public eye. So it looks like taking his mistress out to dinner on their anniversary was a little too Reckless. My goodness, how many anniversaries do you think Dec has to keep track of?

The case of the week was all about loyalty and having no regrets. Those boys seemed to understand more about loyalty than any of the adults around them and the rest of the characters on the show seem to be pairing up to stand together. There's Roy and Knox, Jamie and Lee Anne but then things get messy. 

Preston got close to Terry just to take him down, only to get himself abducted. How much do you want to bet that Terry will have to be the one to save him? 

Then we're back to Jamie. I didn't like it when she blindsided Roy in court but I understood it. It was the wrong thing to do to a friend but the right thing to do for her client. When she went to his place to tell him about Preston she was wearing her heart on her sleeve, only to have it squashed like a giant South Carolina bug. 

Ow! Watching Jamie's expression crumble was painful to watch. It looke as though she wished she could just disappear or turn back time. That's going to be one long boat ride back home.

I don't know about you, but I'm loving getting Reckless!

So, you tell me TV Fanatics, who do you want to see Jamie romantically paired with. Are you Team Roy or Team Preston?

Blind Sides Review

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Careful, Roy. She knows you've got a soft spot for her. Don't let it use it against you.


Do you know how many times in my life I've given someone a key to my home? Never, but I gave one to you.