Reckless Review: Playing Dirty

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Almost everyone was playing dirty on Reckless Season 1 Episode 3some dirtier than others. 

We'll start with Jamie and Preston who, with the best of intentions, both ended up in the mud. Goodness knows how their relationship will survive. 

First, Jamie walked in on Preston's crime scene. Why is it that whenever someone on a TV show is told to wait in the car they never, ever do?

He had every right to be ticked off, but didn't it feel as though some part of Jamie did it in order to cause problems in their relationship? Because if they implode on their own, she wouldn't have to confront the rumor that he was on that video having sex with Lee Anne.

However, since the two did manage to make up, Jamie passed on the opportunity to share a shower with her sexy boyfriend and instead checked out his laptop. Now I know Preston is actually working undercover, but why keep such incriminating video on his own laptop?

Although I loved that Jamie left that shirtless photo on the screen so he had that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look staring back at him. Priceless. 

So now what does Preston do? Tell his girlfriend he's actually undercover and had to have sex with Lee Anne to keep his cover or keep his mouth shut as he gets dragged deeper into this sex scandal?

The murder of the week was full of dirty little secrets. I first wondered if Gavin knew the man in his home, especially when it turned out Walt was having a Fifty Shades of Grey relationship with his wife at the local motel. 

What I didn't see coming was that Walt had broken in to help fulfill Mindy's sex-with-an-intruder fantasy. Talk about role play gone horribly wrong!

Roy Rayder still appeared to be the one good guy in all of Charleston…which really isn't a bad thing as Vi pointed out in this Reckless quote

That boy's so hot you can fry and egg on him.


I can't say I disagree. When Roy describes himself as just a local boy defending the city he loves in court, I could almost roll my eyes if he weren't actually so sincere. 

And speaking of Vi, Damn! I can't believe Terry went after her daughter in order to make this sex scandal go away. That's so…dirty. I don't imagine Vi will take that well if she ever finds out. 

As for Terry, there are rare moments when I actually start to think he cares about Lee Anne but it's wrapped up in such possessiveness that whatever feelings are there have been completely corrupted, such as when he came to tell her about Arliss…

I came here to let you know that I gave Arliss a free pass. I was messing around with his wife after all. You can't blame a man for boiling over but you best muzzle your watch dog Lee Anne. Cause next time I'm not going to be so generous.


Then there's Lee Anne, who obviously loves her husband yet had an affair with Terry and apparently sent him several sexy selfles. These two are so twisted they almost deserve one another. 

Just when it looked as though Lee Anne was going to take the $500,000 settlement and make everything go away, someone fire-bombed her home with her and wheelchair bound Arliss inside. 

A firebomb! Seriously?!? I know this sex scandal has everyone playing dirty, but who would go so far as to want Lee Anne and her husband dead? Once again, Reckless left me staring at my TV screen asking, What the Hell?!?

So, TV Fanatics, if you were Lee Anne would you have accepted the $500,000 settlement or rolled the dice and gone to trial?

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I am just a local boy defending the city I love in court.


What was your intention Jamie, to come to my crime scene and trove for clients? I thought you were better than that.