Reckless Review: Bless Your Heart

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Not only did Reckless Season 1 Episode 2 deliver enough serious twists and turns that I had to hold on to my sofa, it also taught a valuable lesson in Southern etiquette. Now that's multi-tasking. 

One of my first thoughts was how Jamie is surrounded by hot men. She's up against Roy in the courtroom and up against Preston in the bedroom. If all the men in the city are this good looking, perhaps I need to book a trip to Charleston sometime soon.

With the exchanging of keys, Jamie seemed to make it clear that Preston has been upgraded from booty call to boyfriend. Unfortunately, the poor girl has no idea about his dirty little secret…but it turns out it's not quite as dirty as we thought. 

Preston's working undercover to take down Terry and his crew of corrupt cops. I didn't see that coming any more than I expected to see his handsome face on that video last week. 

As a detached observer, I can almost understand why Preston had to join in with the boys as they took turns with Lee Anne (that's assuming he didn't know she was drugged). As a girlfriend... Hell no! 

Despite Jamie's harsh retort to Roy in this Reckless quote when he failed to deliver the proof…

You want to play dirty, that's fine but I warn you. You're playing with the best.


On some level, Roy has planted the seeds of doubt in her mind. She's too smart and too curious to let that go. 

Roy and Jamie continued their courtroom rivalry on a custody case. When the bullets started to fly in Kathy's home, I immediately placed my bets on Erica. But when the hitman gave up her cell phone number a little too quickly, I started to wonder if Kathy had set her up. 

I both love it when I get it right…and hate it. Sometimes it's fun to be surprised.

There were several stand out scenes in this episode, starting with Roy explaining a Southern saying I'd often heard but never truly understood until now…

Bless your heart. That's what we say when we don't like something.


Something tells me I'm going to start using that in real life. 

Also, Roy and his daughters sharing a toast online was one of the sweetest scenes of the hour. When the little girl told her Daddy she was proud of him, I almost shed tears she was so darn cute.

Then there was Vi and the IT tech, Ed. Loved that she gave him all the hand sanitizer she'd brought along when he called her out and how she later told Jamie...

IT guy made me like a hooker in Sunday school.


Finally, there was Roy and Terry meeting over pool as Terry gave his take on that scandalous video and what led up to it.

Terry:  Lee Anne was the hottest piece of ass in the department and she knew it. 

Hard to argue with that, although how you get there to drugging the girl is quite the leap. Of course, was Lee Anne really drugged? It's hard to know who to trust here. I'm still trying to get a handle on Lee Anne. One moment she seems like the innocent victim but then I remember that opening scene of her and Terry up against the fence with the cuffs. No question she was just as into it as he was. 

Wait! Lee Anne's married! Terry's lucky the guy didn't hold him under the water and drown him. I'd guess he's got the upper body strength to do it. And did you notice that they made a point of showing us that shotgun as Lee Anne and her hubby were in bed? Am I reading too much into that or is that a sign of things to come?

As much as Terry can be a complete ass, he also seems to have moments when he's a good cop. I love that dichotomy and Shawn Hatosy pulls it off well. One moment Terry's doing his job and tracking down a killer, the next he's doing something completely Reckless.

It's only the second week of Reckless but I find I'm totally hooked. 

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Do you believe Lee Anne was drugged on that video?

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Terry: My favorite Yankee lawyer.
Jamie: My least favorite police officer.
Terry: Change your mind if you just give me 20 minutes.
Jamie: I heard it was about 5 minutes.

I could barely get through the day after my divorce.