Major Crimes Review: On the Bubble

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You're either going to love Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 8 or you're going to hate it.

These comedic episodes are very well done, but some people who watch don't have an appreciation for the lighter moments.

That's a shame, because the utilization of Luke Perry as the lead actor on "Badge of Courage" -- the show Tao consults for -- was incredibly well done.

The Major Crimes writers managed to insert a discussion about programs on the bubble and how Nielsen ratings are used to determine the future of such shows as well as Luke Perry's long history in the television industry by using his past as part of the victim's collection dedicated to Johhny Worth. 

Everything about the episode worked because of how the character was interwoven into the story. 

It gave Hobbs an opportunity to cut loose by going all girly over Johnny and Sykes and Sharon even joined her.

Hobbs: The lighting in that room is so horrible, yet...
Sharon: I know. He looks great, doesn't he?

Flynn was busy being jealous of the extra dough Tao makes consulting on the show, a role that Pope recommended, but not so much that even he wasn't a little taken with Johnny Worth.

Sykes: He was here all night. How does he look that good?
Flynn: And where did he get a change of clothes?

The very best use of Johnny Worth was in helping give some attention to Rusty for his high school graduation. Rusty didn't want to make a big deal about it, but since he spent a good portion of his life on the streets, his accomplishment was actually something to celebrate. 

With Sharon's help and Johnny's perhaps the kids he knew in school will remember him someday.

On a day like this, the real congratulations belong to my new friend, Rusty Beck, graduating high school with a 3.6. That's much better than I ever did. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your academic career. But if you need to get a job, Badge of Justice is hiring set PAs any day now.


However, I think that Rusty should never look back. Why bother with a bunch of kids who didn't have the time or show him kindness while they spent time together in school? He'll meet plenty of new people on whatever journey he takes next.

It was a happy ending for everyone but the victim. Badge of Courage hit the big time when Johnny was accused of murder and Tao gets to keep consulting and contributing extra money to his kids' college fund. The ladies got to swoon over the hot TV star and Sharon got to throw Rusty a graduation party.

So what did you think? Was Luke Perry used well on Major Crimes or did you hope for another dark and grizzly case for the squad to solve? Chat about it in the comments!

Are you a Luke Perry fan? 

If you want more of best of the squad, you can watch Major Crimes online any time via TV Fanatic!

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