Falling Skies Review: Lexi's Choice

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What the are the Espheni doing?

Each week, the Espheni plans are revealed to be more and more complicated and dangerous. By the end of Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 4, their nefarious plans remained a mystery, yet proved they are not the benevolent partner of the humans that Lexi believes them to be.

The separation of the 2nd Mass meant the first part of Falling Skies Season 4 was spent bringing everyone back together without much context about what was going on in the greater war against the Espheni. The Volm disappeared and then reappeared with an odd explanation about their families elsewhere.

The mysteries behind the Espheni and Volm has been frustrating to watch unfold or really not unfold over the first four episodes. The small morsels of information that have come out haven't been enough for me to remain entirely engaged in the story. 

Finally, it looks like everyone is headed or presumably soon-to-be-headed to Chinatown and that will hopefully mean that, the focus will turn to fighting against the Espheni again. The unknown is whether Cochise and the Volm will side with the Masons and work to bring down the Espheni.

Cochise has been a helpful partner by providing a safe haven for the ghetto escapees, finding Matt, and going with Tom and Weaver to recover Matt. With the Espheni targeting Tom, he will need all the help and support he can get to protect himself and those that he loves. 

Lexi is a wild card. She has love for her mother, Ben and presumably for Tom as well. When forced to chose a side, will she go with the Espheni would have guided her into maturity? Or, the family she barely knows, but who loves her? The virtual meeting between the captured Overlord with another of his kind, was threatening and frightening.

As much as the fight may be against the Espheni, it may well be also a fight for Lexi and control over her power. 

The other major unknown that was revealed in "Evolve of Die" was the transformation of Weaver's daughter. She was turned into a beast who was able to poison Cochise, track her father, but was relatively easy to kill. We haven't seen this type of creature before, so will that end up being another weapon the Espheni use against the humans? 

Jeannie's new form possessed a more frightening ability than the harnessed kids. 

The hour wasn't all bleak. Tom and Matt were reunited. And Pope met his match in Sara. Their interactions while intense and threatening provided a little bit a levity to the situation. She has the skills to help the group survive.

Which side will Lexi pick?

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