The Real Housewives of Orange County Review: Friends Again...For Now

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Following Shannon Beador's Christmas party, things between Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney (Judge) are contentious at best.

So while it's winter on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Episode 9, things in the OC are about to get right up!

Tamra's getting ready to go through with an appearance on Good Day LA, at Heather's request, and then there will be some aftermath. These ladies love their drama as much as they love their cocktails.

Let's get down to business with our The Real Housewives of Orange County review!

Vicki and Heather sit down for tea to discuss the happenings at Shannon's party. Vicki thinks Tamra takes good things in her life and sabotages them and doesn't know how to get really close to people. 

Vicki apologizes for talking about Heather behind her back and perhaps contributing to Tamra's bad attitude about Heather. Plus 10. Then she makes a comment about how she's missing a few zeroes behind her bank account and Heather seems incredulous that the women think she's obsessed with money. 

To Heather's credit, she's never been one to namedrop labels or dollar amounts the way some women on the housewives franchises do. 

Lizzie is judging the Miss Santa Monica USA Pageant as a former pageant competitor. She has a LOT on her plate, you guys. Two kids, a dog, a swimwear line, AND she's judging pageants. And she thinks she wants another kid. 

Tamra and Eddie are preparing for their appearance on Good Day LA. Heather's also preparing for the morning. They're not preparing for the morning together. Minus 4.

Over the holidays, because Tamra didn't call Heather, Heather didn't call Tamra. Heather also didn't stop in and say hello Tamra and Eddie when they arrived. She might be busy but she's kind of being a snit. Minus 5.

Heather's running late to get on set which shakes Tamra. Eddie says it was all business but Tamra makes it a friend thing instead of a business thing. While Tamra's talking about how rude Heather was, Heather's telling a producer that she hopes she wasn't rude.

Eddie tells Tamra to go talk to Heather and thank her for bringing them on the show and talk about their friendship later. Tamra turns to the trainer they brought with them and says "Okay, but do you think she was frosty?" Minus 12. Eddie rolls his eyes.

Shannon and David are helping Stella with her homework. Then they start bickering and David ends up hurting Shannon with his words. But she's feeling unloved.

Did I forget to mention that Shannon has her daughters tuned up with crystals? And doesn't understand why David thinks that's ridiculous.

David goes to bed when his daughters go to bed and Shannon hits the Internet, surfing around Facebook and doing god only knows what but probably spending money. She doesn't like that they're not on the same page.

Vicki finds out that Briana and Ryan are having another little boy thanks to a cardboard box of helium balloons. Plus 10

Tamra calls Heather on her way to work to ask her to lunch so they can talk about what's going on.

Shannon goes to the hospital for a stress echocardiogram because she's had chest pains and a racing mind and she got an email from David that says he should move out for a while.

Shannon gets an email from her husband that says he thinks he needs to move out for a while and Shannon goes to the doctor to have a stress echocardiogram. Minus 12.

She's in tears that this is where her marriage has gotten to and wants to figure out what she can do to make it better.

Tamra and Heather sit down for lunch and Tamra says she wishes she'd gotten more of her talking points out during the appearance and Heather says Tamra should've texted her. 

Heather also tells Tamra that she expected a text or a phone call from Tamra the day after Shannon's party. Tamra can't believe that Heather would've expected an apology.

They rehash the party fight and Heather and the other gym being on Good Day LA and Tamra starts crying. She brings up the fact that Heather went to Eddie about Tamra wanting kids and Heather apologizes sincerely for that. Plus 9

They kiss and make up and then Tamra says "now maybe you can become friends with Shannon..."

"Well, let's not push it!" 

Tamra tells Heather that she sees a lot of herself four years ago in Shannon and just feels drawn to her. Shannon drinks too much, she's unhappy, she's having marital issues, and Heather says "that makes me feel sad for her." 

Heather's not budging on this friends with Shannon thing.

Lizzie's mom is in town and hanging out with them. Christian wants another baby but Lizzie's mom doesn't have it in her to help them with a third baby. If they have a third, Christian will need to step up.

Shannon goes over to Tamra's to talk about the email and argument with David. Shannon wishes she felt more important to David. If he would make the effort, and she made some changes, she believes they could fix their marriage.


What did you think of The Real Housewives of Orange County? Are you surprised that Shannon and David are having marriage issues? Should Christian and Lizzie have a third baby?

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