The Good Wife Review: Playing with Words

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In our modern/politically correct world, it's clear that even when you have the best intentions, your words can be misconstrued. 

Not only were the characters quite literally held under the microscope for things they said on The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 21, there was also a play on words going on with the writers as they had Florrick/Agos craft an apology for their client that applied to the actions of Peter.

Crossing Paths

When looked at so carefully, it's quite amusing how easily everything can fall apart with just the slightest nudge. Mr. Paisley was certainly sticking his foot in his mouth, but when others got a hold of what he said they made even more out of it than was his intent, and he had gracious sized intent. Alicia found out how easily it could happen when she found herself in front of the camera speaking to two men who she could not see.

Merely by representing a man who said inappropriate things, the two gentlemen made the assumption that Alicia was like him and called her out by saying she was talking to the "other" black man, as if she thought they were interchangeable. If it had been two white men without a video feed, she would have had the same problem, but it wouldn't have been fun to poke her with that particular stick.

Programs like this don't make me want to speak more carefully, but to judge less harshly. Jumping to the wrong conclusion without knowing someone is a decision we make and that's the only control we have. It's an interesting conversation to have, for sure. Louis Canning had an awkward moment with the king of foot-in-mouth disease, Howard Lyman, before asking him to sit second chair because he was of Jewish descent. We never have the full details at our disposal when we need them most.

After learning that David Lee was willing to give Diane a chance to win his vote with Rayna Hecht's business, it no longer appears that Lee is maliciously turning on Diane. It's strictly a Canning move. To what end his deceit, however, is lost on me. He doesn't have long to live and will be with Lockhart/Gardner short term, so why decimate Diane?

It was obvious the news was coming from inside the firm because Cary would have had to have gotten intel on Diane from Kalinda and Kalinda is loyal. Alicia and Diane had that misstep over the merger, but their relationship hasn't been questioned. Canning cutting Diane by sabotaging Rayna to get the Kael business worked out well for Florrick/Agos with Paisely, but I'm more interested in Canning's motivation.

I wonder how much we'll find out in the finale and if the intent will be a time jump for The Good Wife Season 6 or to carry on as if no time has passed. That will matter because Canning has only months to live. If there's a time jump, things could be radically different by the time the show hits the air again.

The apology that was crafted for Paisley with the help of a focus group talked about how he reacts when he feels pushed into a corner. That's exactly what we saw Peter doing as a result of the information he was given by Castro about Alicia. 

Castro's low blow by delivering a photo, also without any context, to Peter was smarmy. The water to the face was classic, even if the idea of Finn and Alicia did start to pick at his brain. Honestly, the more Alicia didn't want to talk about it, the more I wondered if there might be a hidden affair that we're not yet privy to. 

We learned definitively that Finn is divorced. He had a nice new haircut. Still, his relationship with Alicia seemed nothing but professional. Eli's moments asking about it and Alicia's feelings for Peter were some of the best of the hour. How their friendship has grown is really quite lovely.

Eli doesn't want either of them to do anything just yet because he thinks he has seen something between them, whether it's one sided or not. Peter is obviously still in love with Alicia and his flirting with the intern was in direct response to being backed into a corner with his marriage. He doesn't react well and needs attention and affection so he seeks it out.

The one thing both Peter and Alicia don't want is for their private life to become public. Eli made it clear that secrets are always exposed. Whether Peter took that to heart will be the deciding factor in how he answered the intern. If he's willing to give it all up and risk exposure or if he still holds hope for his future with Alicia.

There's only one episode left. Will there be more shocking news on the way to end the season? We'll find out. In the meantime you can watch The Good Wife online to refresh your memory.

Do you think Peter took advantage of the intern?

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