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Though the identity of the Darkness was a bit of a disappointment (all that fuss over some weird guy in a cape?), Reign Season 1 Episode 22 more than made up for it with the shocking death of King Henry.

And so, our favorite deranged French monarch is dead. What will happen to Catherine now? What will become of Diane?

And what will become of Mary, whose common sense turned dark in the episode's final moments?

We can look at the history books and guess that things won't turn out very well for Mary and Francis.

Or, we can watch Reign online, and find out exactly how things don't turn out well for them. I know which one I'd choose!

(I'm not trying to push you one way or the other on this, but only one of those options includes looking at beautiful tiaras for an hour at a time.)

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Reign Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Queen Catherine: Such glory you promise, and so cunning you've you've changed since you came back to us from convent. I miss the girl you were.
Mary: Many will. She was easier to kill.

When he had his hands on you, he had his hands on England.

Queen Catherine