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There was so much going on over the course of Reign Season 1 Episode 21 -- the penultimate episode of Reign Season 1-- that it was a little bit hard to keep everything straight.

Like: Bash saved a child from the Blood Wood, and the child's parents were murdered by the Darkness, but actually the child's father actually was murdered by Bash?

And: Lola's husband Lord Julian wasn't actually Lord Julian -- he was the former manservant of the real Lord Julian, who died in supposedly accidental fire...and whose uncle died of a genuinely accidental hook through the back, care of Lola.

Yeah, that was kind of a lot to write out. And we haven't even gotten to Mary's pact with Catherine, the attempt on Henry's life, or that spooky little altar boy...

Yeah, maybe you'd better just watch Reign online.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Duke of Guise: When you disarm, your opponent shoots you.
Mary: We're not at war.
Duke of Guise: Royals are always at war.

An interesting choice. Assuming you let her know she has one.


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