Pretty Little Liars Producers Tease Return of Alison, Drastic Changes Ahead

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We are just two weeks away from the premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 5.

In anticipation of new episodes, executive producers Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick and Joseph Dougherty appeared on Sundance Channel’s The Writers’ Room yesterday and offered up a few teases for what's ahead.

"The game changes with the girls knowing Alison is alive," King said. "Everything is different now, the world really just changed drastically."

Dougherty added that the series has hit a “reset button” and that everyone at the center of it will be at “different emotional places” than they were before.

This is a similar theme to which Goldstick alluded as well:

"It's exciting to think of who they are now versus who they were, and what will be the impact of a Queen Bee deposed, gone for a long time, returning to this world. On top of the fact there also are other people, not just these four girls, whose lives will be deeply impacted by her return."

Other highlights from the segment included:

  • King said they 'know now who uber-'A' is" and that "we really work from the back forward, even with each season. We know what the ending is and then we work backwards and fill in the blanks."
  • When might the series end? "I always thought five seasons," King said. "But then when we started looking at what the end of [Pretty Little Liars Season 4] was going to be, we got so excited that in my mind, automatically a Season 6 came in there. We can end it whenever we want because we know the ending."
  • Dougherty has a strategy for dealing with fans on Twitter: "Never read anything with all caps."

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