Nashville Season 2: Grade It!

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Nashville has come a long way since it first premiered in Fall 2012.

What started off as a show that planted a bratty young artist against an older revered yet somewhat fading artist has become so much more.

Nashville season 2 picked up right after Nashville Season 1 Episode 21, the cliffhanger that left Rayna and Deacon in a devastating car crash. We've gone from wondering if Rayna would fully recover from the coma... to charges against Deacon... to Deacon relearning the guitar... to Maddie struggling with her identity... to meeting a new hardass boss at Edgehill. 

There has been tremendous growth in characters such as Juliette and Avery throughout Nashville Season 2. Others such as Scarlett and Teddy saw a bit of a downfall, however, So how do it all add up? Let's find out, Report Card style!

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Best Episode: "One the Other Hand." Nashville Season 2 Episode 22 was IT. Everything happened, but the best part of all was probably Rayna being there for Juliette and them taking down Jeff Fordham. Nothing makes me happier than when those two powerhouses team up.

Worst Episode: "Guilty Street." I want to clarify that it's hard to choose a "worst" episode so the reason I chose Nashville Season 2 Episode 16 was because so much happened that I hated. Megan cheated on Deacon with Teddy, Deacon is tempted on the road, Rayna fired Liam, and Rayna found out that her own sister has been mishandling funds.

Best Character: Rayna. She is a strong woman whether it's handling her health or handling her business. Nobody does it like Rayna.

Worst Character: Teddy. I mean...who wasn't ready to kick this dude off the show? What happened with Peggy was terrible, that was truly awful. But overall his storyline of battling with Lamar and his beef with Deacon was like enough already!

Most Improved: Juliette and Avery. How interesting that these two ended up dating after they both became better versions of themselves?! Avery just plain sucked in Nashville Season 1. Juliette grew from bratty and childish, went through a scandal, came out stronger and more mature. Sure she still makes mistakes, but I definitely found myself more on team Juliette this season.

Most Dramatic Moment: Scarlett's on stage breakdown. Scarlett just did not have a good season. I think it was hard for people to understand that this girl didn't want the fame that other people work so hard for. Her breakdown episode was hard-hitting and engaging. But we did get "Black Roses" out of it all!

Best Nashville Music of the Season: Sooo it is virtually impossible to pick just one. I had a hard time even narrowing it down. Here are my two: "This Town"- so beautiful and haunting. Great collaboration between Deacon and Juliette with Deacon on piano for a change.
Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet"- this was just unexpected and fun. I agree with what Rayna told her:

Well that wasn't very smart, but it sure was brave. Good for you.


Overall Grade: B. I felt myself losing interest in some storylines at times but the second half of the season came in strong. Lots of character development and great music!

Hopes for Nashville Season 3Rayna picks a dude. Should it be Deacon or Luke? Will is able to handle the fallout from his confession being taped. Avery and Juliette can possibly work through things. A better family dynamic/co-parenting situation between Deacon, Teddy, and Rayna. Gunnar will probably get Scarlett to stay. Most of all, more music!

How would you grade Nashville Season 2?

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Nashville Quotes

Well, life's too short to hold on to resentment. It's toxic, isn't that what you told me?


Rayna: Well you [Mr. Benton] may not be aware that she [Layla] is also underage and very recently overdosed on pills and almost drowned in Jeff Fordham's pool.
Jeff: Mr. Benton, I...
Rayna: You coerced my ex husband so you could cover up the incident, but I'm not gonna sit here and watch while he treats his female artists like this, and I sure as hell don't want my daughter having anything to do with it.