The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Naked Freaks & Toothless Mermaids

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There were naked freaks and toothless mermaids on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 5 - and was it any wonder that "Everybody Thinks We're Drag Queens?"

We recap it all in our +/- review...

We picked up where we left off with new girl Amanda threatening to deck Heather as she runs off but Heather was having none of that.

Heather found her inner hood as she chased Amanda down and told her if she was going to threaten to hit her, then go ahead and do it. Plus 15. This girl's not about to back down from a fight.

Of course the rest of the ladies sat back and enjoyed the show. As Sonja said, "I just peed my panties and I don't have any on."  Minus 11. Way to keep it classy.

But Heather's throwdown with Aviva's only friend had already brought LuAnn's party to a whole new level. I couldn't help but laugh when Aviva said that there's an awful lot of gossip going around about Carole. Well, Aviva should know. She's the one spreading it. Minus 20.

Sonja's biggest issue with obnoxious Amanda was her cleavage, or more to the point Harry's interest in it. Sonja told Harry how crazy Amanda (aka "Boobalicious" ) can get but then she realized that might just be a selling point to Harry as, "Psychos are always good in bed."

Considering how LuAnn's party went the night before, I wasn't sure if Kristen was gutsy or stupid for bringing her kids to Sonja's brunch the next morning. 

Back in NYC Aviva went to have some treatments done on her face with her only ally, Sonja. And what the hell was Sonja saying about having the vampire treatment?!?  Apparently they inject blood into your face to rejuvenate it. Who came up with that? Minus 40.

Aviva complained that Heather and Carole have been "verbally raping" her.  Oh please. Leave it to Aviva to be overly dramatic at the least and borderline offensive at worst. Minus 45.

Later, Aviva visited the barn where she lost her leg. As much as I felt for her, did we all have to go with her to relive that horrible nightmare? Hearing about how that machine chewed up her leg really isn't what I tune into the Real Housewives to see.

Everyone else headed to Coney Island for the Mermaid parade where there were drag queens, naked freaks, and Housewives. Plus 23.

Sonja was trying to hold her makeshift mermaid costume together as she almost took LuAnn's eye out with her parasol. 

And then we watch Red Sonja lose her tooth for the second time. It's great of Sonja to raise money for good causes but perhaps she needs to set some aside for dental insurance before she ends up playing the toothless mermaid.

Episode total = -78! Season total = -137!

Your turn, TV Fanatics. Should Heather have gotten involved in Aviva and Carole's fight?

Everybody Thinks We're Drag Queens Review

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