Once Upon a Time Round Table: "It's Not Easy Being Green"

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While "It's Not Easy Being Green," it's even harder dealing with someone who is, as all of Storybrooke found out in Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 16.

TV Fanatics Michelle Calbert, Jim Garner, and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to decide who has the most magical power, why Zelena needs Regina's heart, and whether Henry needs to know the truth.

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Who do you think holds the most power, Regina, Zelena, or Emma?

Michelle: I have to admit that I keep forgetting that Emma has powers of her own, but when she stood up to Zelena I did have a thought that maybe her powers were indeed greater than both Regina and Zelena. She just may not have tapped into them or learned how to control them yet. 

Jim: I'm hoping Emma turns out to have more power, but I can't imagine her being able to bring it into play without some more practice. 

Robin: I'm thinking Emma might have the most power eventually. Right now though, I think Regina - she's been taught control, and she's has people to fight for. That's the real power.

Gareth: I think Emma might hold the most power. I would love to see Regina help her develop her potential. I definitely think Emma may come to Regina’s rescue. 

Any idea what Zelena's plans are for Regina's heart?

Michelle: Zelena wants to turn back time and rewrite history and though she said she's not performing a curse, it sure sounds like she needs one heck of a spell. She already has David's courage and I'm guessing she needs Regina's heart for the spell as well. It makes me wonder if she's going to go after someone else's brain (or perhaps intelligence), since that would fit in with the Wizard of Oz theme. 

Jim: As Michelle said, this is one heck of a spell. Though given the "heart" and "courage" components, I'm more curious who's brains she is going to go after. 

Robin: I agree with everyone else's theory that it's part of the spell she's casting to go back in time. Though I think she already has a brain - Rumpelstiltskin's. Rumpel can't think or act of his own accord; Zelena controls his power and his every move. He's essentially mindless.

Gareth: Sounds like she is planning to change history and create a world where Regina was never born. That reset would change everything. I guess Emma would have remained in the Enchanted Forest and would never have had Henry with Neal. It would be quite cool to see them do an ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ style story. 

Were you surprised that Regina gave her heart to Robin Hood?

Michelle: The part of me that is shipping those two wasn't surprised at all, but yes, the more logical side of me was a little surprised. Up until that point, she hadn't shown that she trusted him that much. But I think that Robin is starting to win her over, whether she realizes it or not. 

Jim: Not really, because here's the thing. I suspect that Regina can still feel something from her heart when she freely gives it to the man she loves. Giving it to Robin was natural for her, and him accepting it without question was awesome. 

Robin: I was, honestly.  I find the Regina/Robin ship to be moving very quickly, and trusting someone that quickly is a bit out of character for Regina.  But perhaps something happened between them in the lost year, and that connection is still there.

Gareth: I agree with Robin. They do seem to be moving this story arc along quite quickly. Regina doesn’t tend to trust easily but maybe her heart is instinctively telling her that it is the right thing to do. Regina deserves a bit of loving. 

Should Emma tell Henry the truth about Storybrooke and his father?

Michelle: Yes! Absolutely. Will he believe her right away? Probably not. But it will be interesting to see her as the believer trying to convince him this time. Also, she'll have the entire town to back her up, unlike Henry - who only had a book and a stopped clock to try and prove his story. 

Jim: Yes! Like Michelle, I want to see her working to convince him for a while. 

Robin: Absolutely. He knows something's going on, he might as well be in the loop.

Gareth: Yes. Emma needs to make him the believer, just like Henry did with her in season one. I love all the parallels to the first season that they have been throwing in. 

Do you empathize at all with Zelena?

Michelle: Perhaps a little, but she has definitely taken her jealousy well beyond where the situation would merit. Zelena's plans haven't just hurt her sister, but also people who had nothing to do with any of it. I'd say she needs to get over herself, but I think she'll never see that and will have to be defeated in order to make her stop. 

Jim: I did for about 1 minute when her father was all nasty to her. But once the tantrums and jealousy started, I was pretty much done with it. 

Robin: I'm with Jim on this one. Her dad was kind of mean, but holy, is she ever childish. Also, if she says the word "wicked"one more time...

Gareth: Not one bit. I found her quite annoying and childish in that scene with her father. It kind of killed any empathy I had for her. 

What was your favorite scene?

Michelle: Regina giving her heart to Robin Hood. It was unexpected and gave me hope that it was symbolic of her actually starting to fall for him. 

Jim: I'm a Robin/Regina shipper, so I adored there scenes together, both talking about the letter and then later when she gave him her heart. So cute together, makes me totally forget all the horrible things she did..well.. almost forget. 

Robin: Jim already mentioned my favorite (the Robin/Regina letter scene), so my second choice is Hook and Henry. For all his pirate-ness, Hook has a sense of honesty and transparency that I really appreciate, and I liked how easily he bonded with Henry.

Gareth: Definitely the Regina/Robin Hood scene. It was nice to see Regina exposed and vulnerable like that. I love this side of her character. The showdown between Regina/Zelena was also a fantastic cheesy campfest! Loved it. 

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