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Scarlett's mother surprised her on tour in Chicago on Nashville Season 2 Episode 19.

Beverly O'Conner was a nightmare. She blamed Scarlett for ruining her chance at fame, for not telling her that Deacon had a daughter, and pretty much any little thing she could. She pinched her, pushed her, and made her cry.

By the time Scarlett went on stage she had taken a bunch of pills and alcohol. After hallucinating, she crawled under the piano, and had a nervous breakdown. Avery ran out to save her.

Rayna's family was dealing with the fallout from Maddie's video. The public got a hold of it and now know that Maddie is Rayna and Deacon's child.

Rayna, Teddy, and Deacon held a press conference with Good Morning America. Find out how they went when you watch Nashville online.

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Well you know as a guy, there's no such thing as too slutty, so it's good.


Glenn: Looks like the tabloids finally have something other than you to talk about.
Juliette: She's a kid, I'd rather them talk about me.

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Clare bowen black roses Black Roses Clare Bowen iTunes
Chaley rose done runnin Done Runnin Chaley Rose iTunes
Song Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad Nashville Cast