Community Review: Idiots Won

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Being a fan of Community requires, at the end of each season, cultivating an almost Zen-like sense of non-attachment.

"I may never see this show again," I have mumbled to myself over 5 season finales - each aired amidst media speculation that it could be the show's last. 

"And that is okay. I am okay. Community is okay. We are all okay."

Of course, I'm not a Zen mistress; I'm a TV recapper, and I'm never quite okay with the sense of not-knowing that fills me after a Community season finale. Is that it? Won't we even get to say a proper goodbye?

Community Season 5 Episode 13 concluded a season of series creative highs (and ratings lows) following the return of ousted series creator Dan Harmon.

And while it was filled with the standard excellent Community quotes, as well as juicy threads to follow in the promised land of Community Season 6 (#andamovie), it also served as a solid goodbye, if it comes to that.

The two-parter's (alongside Community Season 5 Episode 12) Goonies-meets-an-existential-crisis vibe presented the show in its most unadulterated form - creating a solid bedrock to send off for the Greendale...wait, are they back to 7?

Most outstanding among these goodbyes was Chris Elliott's turn as the robo-sexual founder of Greendale, which was more than just a fun cameo for a comedy veteran with a newly invigorated career.

Elliott's critically adored, commercially ignored series Get A Life was perhaps the first "weird" network comedy, making him more the spiritual grandfather of Community than any of the other alt-comedy superstars who have crossed its sound stage.

Harmon's career may easily follow Elliott's own path of network cancelation, followed by acknowledgement of the show's ground-breaking nature a few decades later, when Community's fans are creating their own TV shows. It's not a difficult fate to picture.

But the media landscape has changed immensely since Get A Life's 1900-1992 run. I mean, can you imagine Orange is the New Black running after Herman's Head on a Sunday night in 1993?

And though dramas seem to have benefited the most from our new ways of watching, I hope that there's space for an innovative, risky comedy like Community to stick around.

And if not, well, at least we'll always have Thought Jacker.

Do you think the Greendale gang will be back for another season?

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Dean Pelton