Bones: Watch Season 9 Episode 21 Online

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On Bones Season 9 Episode 21 the gang investigates a bizarre death involving a cryogenics lab.

Cam and Arastoo are at odds about her meeting his parents, but the real story is that he hasn't had as much communication with his parents as he let on, making things even more awkward for the pair.

Booth has been tasked with extra work and finds out he's up for a promotion. While everyone around him rallies and give him support, his own fears hold him back - with good reason.

There are some incredibly beautiful emotional scenes in this installment that you cannot miss so watch Bones online now!

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Bones Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

Is it me, or did it just get totally awkward in here?


Cam: It's not that big a deal, really.
Hodgins: That's what I said until Angela's dad knocked me out and tattooed me.
Cam: Is that supposed to be making me feel better?