The Simpsons Review: Where are the Laughs?

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Greed can destroy everything. And it's certainly not that funny when it does.

Although The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 15 was a clearly focused and insightful look at the ways money can ruin relationships, it lacked the necessary humor to balance out the heavy-handed lessons.

The entire affair of the painting was started by a seemingly unrelated story about Lisa's desire for a guinea pig.

Her relentless begging, as well as her extended decision-making about which guinea pig to adopt, was an adorable moment. It's easy to forget that Lisa's a child, and despite all of her intelligent words and high-minded interests, she can still squeal over a tiny rodent.

But that new guinea pig came at a cost: the family's iconic sailboat painting. In their search for a replacement, Marge stumbled upon a valuable painting at the Van Houten's yard sale. Thus begins the battle over the painting and the money.

It's easy to see how the painting easily divides the entire town of Springfield. We can certainly understand both sides of the debate. Ultimately, the show decided to make the entire affair a chance to teach Homer (and the viewers) a lesson about greed.

Homer's greed destroys Kirk and Luann's rekindled love affair when the painting controversy brings an old flame of Kirk's to light. But Homer doesn't give up on his desire for some "cushion" in his bank account and he races to Isla Verde where Kirk bought the painting.

His relentless pursuit leads to the destruction of all his lofty dreams when he discovers the valuable painting is really a forger. After a speech from the forger about what's really important about art, Homer finds a way to fix the Van Houten's marriage and repair things with Marge.

It was all very serious without many The Simpsons quotes or hilarious sight gags to soften the impact.

Well, Marge and Homer bribing Milhouse, Lis, and Bart was pretty funny.

But what do you think? Was this episode too light on the comedy?

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That's the great thing about art, everyone can have their opinion about why it sucks.


Kettle-corn, the heroin of the farmer's market.