The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Housewarming From Hell

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There was anything but "Model Behavior" on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 3, as yet another housewife vowed her hatred for Aviva Drescher.

We recap all the insults in our +/- review...

Aviva's party turned into the housewarming from hell as Carole called her out on telling anyone who would listen that the "word on the street" was she hadn't written her own books. Those words sounded so ridiculous coming from Aviva. Like she'd talk to anyone "on the street." Minus 10.

But Carole hit below the belt when she called her nemesis "nothing" because she'd never worked outside the home. Minus 18. That was low. Somehow Carole calling Aviva a psycho, a sociopath, a liar and that she had no soul didn't sound nearly as harsh. 

But Aviva's response got a plus 35 because I couldn't help but laugh. She shot back in her most venomous tone, "At least I'm not 50 years old." Seriously, Aviva. God willing you will be some day in the near future. Is 50 years old really that bad?

Aviva defends what she said about Carole's writing because "no one writes by themselves". Not exactly news. Acknowledgement pages have existed for quite a while but there's generally only one author.

And although Carole's parting shot to Aviva's ex wasn't exactly nice, she gets a plus 19 for the chuckle it induced. "Harry, it's so nice to meet you. I totally understand the divorce."

Ramona may have instigated the Carole / Aviva fight but no one really cared. What tugged at my heartstrings was seeing that flashback of Avery. Plus 27. The girl was so young when this all started and look at her now. She's a gorgeous young woman in a prom gown who will be off to college in a few short weeks.

I don't think there's enough Pinot to get Ramona through this. 

Sonja and her unpaid interns were kind of dull but left me with one very important question…Did a dog really drown in the pond?!?

I could only think of one thing during Carole's baby shower. One of those kids was going to get killed on those stairs. Minus 21.

But plus 15 to Sonja for her special take on making a baby. "Who needs a sperm donor? There's plenty of sperm out there." And Sonja should know. 

Kristen took on the challenge of The Spartan race with her husband Josh and Heather. 

Heather remarked that she'd grown up being the only girl and was used to keeping up with the boys. Plus 13. That completely goes with her personality.

But a big minus 40 to Josh for not sticking with his wife. He knew she was nervous and he still left her in the dust to do it all her self. And when she finally made it over the finish line he was annoyed that she was upset and told her to stop whining and man up. 

I'm hoping it takes more than a pair of sparkly earrings to get Josh out of this doghouse because he was a complete ass.

Episode total = +30 Season total = -50!

New week the Countess returns. Have you missed LuAnn so far this season?

Model Behavior Review

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