The Real Housewives of New York City Review: Beware of #BookGate

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The question of the night wasn't who was going to "Give Up the Ghostwriter" as much as who would admit to one on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 6 Episode 2, as Aviva Drescher continued to irk her costars.

We recap all the insults and insinuations in our +/- review...

Admittedly, Carole's questioning Aviva about using a ghost writer did come off a bit condescending but let's face it, the only thing that Aviva's ever written was an essay for Chicken Soup for the Soul. The thought that she might need a little help to write an entire novel wasn't that far off the mark. 

But leave it to Aviva to take it to a whole other level. 

Has anyone else noticed Aviva's pattern. First she adores someone. Then she argues with them and suddenly she leaps over to the dark side. Minus 23 because it really is kind of scary. 

Last season Aviva gushed over how Carole's book changed her life. Then she was trying to set her up with the 15 hot moving men back at her house and buying glasses that looked like Carole's. Minus 13. Carole wasn't flattered by the attention, she was creeped out.

But the moment Aviva felt insulted the claws came out and I don't think they're going to get pulled back in any time soon. 

Because now Aviva is telling anyone who will listen that Carole secretly used a ghostwriter and that Aviva's publishing company hated Carole's novel. It really is bizarre how Aviva can go from adoration to hatred in the span of an afternoon. Minus 45.

Then again, nothing is more dangerous than that stalkerish fan who doesn't get their way. Once they feel slighted, the crazy side truly comes out. Carole's definitely got her hands full here.

The upside of all of that gossip was Kristen's face when she heard about Aviva's father. "Her dad's a sex addict?" Plus 12

Doesn't anyone watch this show before signing on?. Just wait until George meets Kristen. Get the decontamination tent ready to wash off the drool.

Kristen and Heather bonded over their children. Plus 22. Kristen was right. I can't even imagine what Heather went through waiting for her son's liver transplant. Although Kristen's daughter's issues aren't nearly as serious, it's still concerning. Thankfully the little girl is getting the help she needs. 

But I had to laugh when Kristen only half jokingly proclaimed, "I am the most amazing mother ever." Plus 18. Wouldn't we all be with a nanny and a housekeeper on the payroll. 

Harry and Sonja went out and they actually make a cute couple. They're both dating 20-somethings but these two get together to share some real conversation…and a little more. Plus 20.

I did think it was distasteful of Aviva to ask Harry, even in a whisper if he and Sonja were f*ck buddies, especially with her son in the room. Minus 25.

But things got even stranger at the housewarming party. The ladies ended up on Aviva's bed, only to find out that it was the same bed she shared with Harry. 

So she traded in husbands but kept the bed. I'm with Ramona on this one. That's just plain weird. Minus 11.

Plus 15 to Carole for going to confront Aviva about her vicious gossip. She's right. Aviva is a liar and a phony but I have no doubt that telling Aviva, "What are you? You're nothing. You never had a job outside the home." will come back to haunt her.

Episode total = -30! Season total = -80!

Pick a side, TV Fanatics. Are you Team Carole or Team Aviva?

Give Up the Ghostwriter Review

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