The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Review: Wrestling a Pig

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It was time to gang up on Lisa again on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 19  - and someone needs to make it stop.

We recap the boobs and bullying in our TV Fanatic +/- review...

Is anyone else bored? Minus 25. How many episodes do we have to sit through where everyone turns on Lisa? 

Brandi swears Lisa put the tabloids in her suitcase but apparently the moment never made it on camera and the magazines never made it to Palm Springs. So in the end it is Brandi's word against Lisa's.

They all keep insisting that Lisa speak the truth but when she tells her version they refuse to believe her. Then they get angry when she chooses to leave. Minus 18. It's Puerto Rico all over again. 

Ken was taking just as many hits as Lisa but plus 50 because he always had Lisa's back without fail. 

Poor Ken has had enough of this entire group. First he had to listen to Kim's apology only to have her get angry when he didn't accept it with a smile. You can't say mean things and expect that saying you're sorry will erase it from existence. 

He also had to deal with Yolanda getting in his face at every turn. What happened to Yolanda? I liked her all season but suddenly she's acting stupid, just as Ken said. Minus 17.

Then he had a talk with good friend Mauricio who kept saying he'd heard the same story from multiple people, as though that made it true. Minus 23 because it was simply Yolanda and Kim retelling Brandi's story. Mauricio's never liked Brandi. Why would he take her word for anything?

But Brandi turning on Ken and Lisa is what really hurt. As Ken said, "Why would she create all his rubbish?"

It really is sad. The Vanderpumps defended Brandi even when her behavior was atrocious. Now, it's as though Brandi's out for blood, calling her once good friend a manipulative puppet master. Minus 40.

I'll give Brandi a couple of points. Lisa having Schaena at private parties where she knows Brandi will attend is an issue but isn't that something Brandi could have brought up sooner and under much less public circumstances?

It's as though Brandi needs someone to fight with and Lisa is just the next person on the list. 

Lisa's George Bernard Shaw quote was perfect. "Never wrestle with a pig, cause you get dirty and the pig likes it."  Plus 50. That's why the only sane response was to leave.

LIsa looked exhausted. Every time she turned around someone was after her to say what they thought was the truth. I couldn't blame her for leaving the party early.

And what a party it was, with Kyle motorboating some woman's boobs. Classy. Minus 25. She may want to ease up on the tequila shooters.

Now we all need to say our prayers and take our Xanax. The reunion show is coming up next.

Episode total = -48! Season total = -357!

Okay, TV Fanatics. If you could choose, which housewife would you have leave the show?

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