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When a man is killed during a violent art heist, Jane volunteers his team to help the FBI art squad solve the case. 

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 16 had Jane running undercover operation with Lisbon posing as his girlfriend. When the thieves try to rob their home, the FBI is ready to take them down but their leader, McKaye makes a run for it. 

A garbage truck, a marching band, and a well placed taxi, all set up by Jane, allow McKaye to make it safely back to his hideout where the original stolen art work is kept. Little does he know the FBI is hot on his trail. They arrest him and confiscate the art stolen at the gallery where John Hannigan was killed.

FBI Agent Marcus Pike, who is a part of the art squad, asked Teresa Lisbon out on a date. Lisbon accepts and Jane watches them leave. 

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I hate to sound immodest, ma'am but I rarely fail.


He's alive as long as you're alive to remember him. He lives in you. It's a cliche, I know but it's true.