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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 18 Camille and Zeek receive an offer on the house that is so good they almost can't pass it up.

They do, but even though the house isn't on the market, the offer is countered with one they may not be able to refuse.

When Joel doesn't pick Victor up at ball practice, he experiences very high anxiety. That prompts Joel to make a decision without consulting Julia that causes problems for the entire family.

Max gets excited to go on a school trip and doesn't want Kristina to chaperone. The kids aren't cool and he can't stay for the entire trip. When Kristina and Adam find out why he left, they're heartbroken.

Drew is sad about his life and Amber tries to cheer him up.

Hank tells Sarah he can't be there for her any longer, but does he really mean it? Find out about this and all of the stories when you watch Parenthood online.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Joel: You should have just seen him, Julia, he's melting down in front of me and I feel like all these abandonment issues are coming back and...
Julia: Because you moved out.

Alright, I'm sad. I'm sad about Amy and I want to smoke week and write bad songs.