Hannibal Review: Delusion

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When delusion roams free and grows, it takes over its host.

This act of change eventually consumes the person, and as they delve deeper into their thinking, they end up finding ways to convince themselves what they are doing is justified. 

As Hannibal Season 2 Episode 4 so accurately showed, delusion drives some so far that they end up seeing themselves and their ideals as the only things of value in the room. 

The beekeeper acupuncturist is the most relevant example of these delusions. She views her actions through the lens of taking her patients' pain away. It works... to an extent.

She believes her work is good and noble, that her way of doing this is helping her victims quiet their inner turmoil so they may die in peace. She's delusional in that line of thinking because, while she may think her actions are helping, she's the one doing the real killing.

There's nothing left of them when she's done with her "quieting."

Still, the beekeeper is not the most pressing in this crazy installment. Will's own Hannibal-induced delusions are starting to unravel; his suspicions are further being proven. Hannibal using strobe lights and a drug cocktail of his very own to disorient Will and induce seizures with his encephalitis gives Will the encouragement he needs to shatter those final doubts of Hannibal he might have. 

As much as Will does not want to admit it, however, he too is pulling some Hannibal-like tactics with Frederick; using his clout and power in the situation as being the one and only Will Graham and the offers that come with it to glean some information from Frederick about Hannibal's abilities and unorthodoxy. 

Bella's dreams of dying brings out a different side of Hannibal. The installment continues to play up Hannibal's affairs with death and explains to Bella just what he sees in death: 

Hannibal: I've always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at any moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer. 

The biggest takeaway is that it sets up a false illusion of Hannibal helping Bella in assisting with her suicide.

It's a strong use of Hannibal's character; it's always a good idea to detour to Hannibal and death, but in this case Hannibal sees his own agenda in Bella.

Keeping her alive, and making sure she lives at least on his watch, keeps Jack off his back. Jack might begin to take Will's advice to heart if Bella were to die on his watch, but with Bella's deteriorating health on the forefront of Jack's mind, he might give Hannibal more freedom. 

It's still poetic that Hannibal, despite the power he feels as he takes another life, makes sure Bella keeps her alive even though she is ready to let it go.  

But that's enough of the "lighter" points, let's talk about Beverly!

I won't discuss the string of expletives hurled at my television as she decided to continue investigating in Hannibal's home, but this ending is personal to me. Bev is one of my favorite characters - and outsiders don't get to live when they find out Hannibal's true nature.

She goes into Hannibal's house with the intention of helping Will clear his name because she too believes Hannibal is the ripper. But, at the same time, armed with that potential profile, why is she setting foot in his house without telling a soul?  

How dead is Beverly?

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