The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "No Exit"

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Did Damon feed on Enzo? Did Stefan feed on Katherine, posing on Elena, who was anxious for a bite of a very different nature?

Did The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 14 live up to the hype or fail to meet expectations?

All great questions, all answered below by our Round Table panel of Miranda Wicker, Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee (from and Leigh Raines. Scroll down for their take on "No Exit" and then sound off with your own...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Miranda: I have to go with any and all scenes featuring Enzo. He's cool and calm and I kind of dig his loyalty and use of common sense. (Calling Stefan wasn't exactly loyal, but it was common sense. And walking out of the house so he didn't get eaten was common sense, too.) I have a feeling he's going to die, but I really like him. And his accent. He can stay. (Please, can he stay?)

Crissy: Gotta go with Katherine's "We all love Matt Donovan. Otherwise he would have been dead a long time ago." Were truer words ever spoken?

Leigh: Gotta be the end when Caroline was like ummm helllo, Stefan! Matt barely sent a clue from Nadia's phone. Caroline put it together when she and Stefan were talking about how "different" Elena was acting. Also, has nobody yet realized that Katherine didn't pass through Bonnie? Yes, she was still supernatural as a doppleganger!

Heather: Nadia and Katherine discussing Matt; I love when the writers use Katherine for meta moments like that. 

What should be the Travelers' theme song?

Miranda: "Runaround" by Blues Traveler. Because duh, travelers. Plus they're running around a whole lot doing Dr. Maxfield's bidding. Then there's this: "Or a bad play where the heroes are right / And nobody thinks or expects too much" which is kind of what TVD is feeling like lately. The heroes are "right" because they're the heroes and we certainly can't expect a whole lot right now, what with scene recycling and all.

Crissy: Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves." But sung in Czech.

Leigh: Something really annoying like that Tatu song "All the things she said." I was tortured during pledging with that song so that oughta do it. The traveler storyline is TORTURE.

Heather: They have a penchant for turning at doors in large groups, so probably a Christmas carol. 

Did Stefan make the right move in turning down Kat-lena? Or should he have just tapped that?

Miranda: Ugh. I'm conflicted. As a diehard Delena fan, I have to say, that kiss was pretty hot. I totally expected Stefan to go for it. Ultimately, he made the right call. Can you imagine how much crazier Katherine would get if Stefan slept with her (again)?

Crissy: I think he could've snuck in a little more making out before the "Oh no we can't..." with minimal additional guilt.

Leigh: Oh, noble Stefan. He made the right move because he realized something was off. After all of the history between him and Elena he knows that if he's gonna go for it, it has to be right. It can't be on a whim.

Heather:  Well, I'll just be honest here and admit that if I were to go down with one TVD ship it would be Stefan and Katherine because of how horribly wrong and warped it all is. (Seriously. It's my favorite thing.) That being said, considering that alarms weren't going off for Stefan throughout that entire scene, I can't really support him being rewarded for being so dense.

What does Wes want with Enzo?

Miranda: I'm sort of wondering if being bitten by a vampire-eating vampire doesn't somehow infect the bitee. Maybe he wants to see if Enzo will become a vampire-eater as well, in which case, both Kat-Lena and Stefan are in trouble and will somehow force Dr. Maxfield to fix them.

Crissy: What we all want with Enzo? Truly I have no clue. But as long as Enzo survives whatever strange torturous scheme Wes has in mind, and continues to hang around being cool-headed and handsome, I am happy.

Leigh: Maybe he can make the cure to Damon's ripper gene with Enzo? I'm not really sure on this one but Enzo was looking mighty tasty this week.

Heather: What do we all want with Enzo? But, in all seriousness, my best guess is that Enzo probably has some warped vampire biology happening due to all of the tests and experimentation he has endured, but to the Nth degree, seeing as he was imprisoned for so long. Honestly, all things considered, Enzo he held up remarkably well. 

Would you rather have grilled cheese with Matt, scotch with Damon or a steak with Katherine?

Miranda: Can't I have grilled cheese with Matt and scotch with Damon at the same time?

Crissy: I'd be too scared of ending up with a steak knife in my jugular to dine with Ms. Pierce, so I'm gonna go with scotch with Damon. Sorry, Matt.

Leigh: I love grilled cheese, but I gotta pick scotch with Damon. I totally wanna rip shots with him at the Mystic Grill.

Heather: Katherine is best appreciated from afar, so I'm gonna go with scotch with Damon because 1) scotch and 2) well, scotch. Sorry, Donovan.

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