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This week, Reign Season 1 Episode 11 revealed the mystery behind Clarissa, the lost love between Catherine and Henry and continued to prove to fans that Bash deserves his chance to shine.

Henry returns to court without an annulment, but intent on taking Catherine's life for the treasonable offense of adultery -- with Nostradamus. Nostradamus has a much bigger surprise in store for Catherine, however.

Mary and Bash continue to try to hide his relationship with Isobel from Catherine with ever increasing urgency. While doing so, they discover something that may stop Catherine in her tracks.

Inquisition Scene

Catherine's family is disgraced by her, but leaves her with a special something that will either end her life or one of someone she no longer wants around. Or will the ghost of the house make sure that she can't carry out any of the plans accordingly?

Bash intends to prove to Mary how much he loves her, even if it means he has to kill Henry to do it. Would he really go to such lengths?

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Reign Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

When the ax falls on your neck, I will be there. With Bash. The next king of France.


Off with you child. You've killed me enough for one day.