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When a doppelganger of Gus dies of apparent suicide Gus finds himself determined to solve the case and prove that he himself is not a "cog" in "Cog Blocked."

Indeed, Psych Season 8 Episode 5 was a story of redemption and taking charge of one's life - and it's one crazy ride. From a beautiful private investigator to an epic Blueberry car chase, this case where Gus took the lead was anything but boring!

At the same time, Shawn was confronted with his own previously ignored shortcomings, which prompted him to seek employment of any kind to create a steady source of income in light of Psych's slowing case load.

So while you wait for Psych to return from its Winter Olympic break for what USA Network has now confirmed will be the show's final installments, relive all of last night's action when you watch Psych online!

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Psych Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm thinking about taking on work as a manny.


I have a standing shotgun in this care and everyone knows it!