Parenthood: Watch Season 5 Episode 15 online

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On Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 Julia spends her first weekend on her own without the kids while her brothers and sister share concern over her and Drew encourages Amy to speak with her parents about her issues.

Joel picks up Sydney and Victor leaving Julia alone for the weekend in an empty house. She does very well but there is no disguising the silence of a big house.

Amy continues to stay with Drew, and seems to be very attached. Drew's concern for her forces him to ask that she confide in her parents about everything that she has been feeling.

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Sarah and Hank have some issues working together that seem to be connected to Sarah's dating Carl. Carl appears to be falling for Sarah.

Adam and Kristina leave a romantic getaway so Adam can join his siblings at Julia's house and the four boogie down.

To see all of this and so much more, you need only watch Parenthood online. All the latest episodes are available for viewing.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

I like that you, I don't know, think about your family here. Think about your sister. And that you have no idea how beautiful you are or how funny. Oh my gosh. I sound like I may be falling for you. I guess that's why we're here. Beer anybody?


What? Our whole history is in this house. You can't just sell it out from under us and act like it's not a big decision.