Lost Girl Review: Unaligned No More?

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Lost Girl is back!

After three lackluster hours, Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 returned to the show that I love. Bo was home and even though everyone wasn't there, it was a move in the right direction.

Bo still doesn't know where she went, who took her, or why, but she moved on like it was business as usual ... almost. She wasn't quite the same ole Bo that she was before her abduction. She seemed to be missing her heart a little.

Bo inquired about Lauren's location, but didn't seem too concerned. Then, she had hot sex with Dyson in a boxing ring that was more about hunger and lust fulfillment than any emotional connection to him. It was like part of her was left behind or taken from her on the train. 

Perhaps Bo was just needed some time to transition back to her normal life and family. The most jarring reaction was when Kenzi confessed to kissing Dyson. That was not a pre-abduction Bo reaction. By the end of the day, she showed signs of softening a bit. She mourned the loss of Lauren while stuck at her ex's house, especially when she found the necklace.

Later, she reconnected with Kenzi and acknowledged that the kiss wasn't a betrayal. Bo and Kenzi are family more than perhaps anyone. Bo proved her loyalty to Kenzi and her extended family when she faced off against Masimo. She wasn't going to let the druid control those she cared about, not even the troublesome Tamsin.

Bo's initial return was about letting loose, having sex and dancing, but she quickly was down to business. She's a protector and she came through when she was needed. She showed her resolve with Masimo and then again when she confronted the higher authority. She wasn't playing games. 

Instead of getting the higher authority to back off and leave her alone, she got the shock of her life. Her blood had chosen and it chose Dark Fae! What the ?!?! That was a twist I didn't see coming, but it's a wrinkle that's a bit exciting. What happens now? Will she fight it? Or, will she embrace her new aligned status? I doubt it's the latter.

Lauren's story got more interesting as well. It wasn't much of a surprise that Crystal betrayed her. I loved the spy-bang reference. Nice callback. While Lauren completed the medical tests, she thought she was working for Hale, but when the door opened it wasn't him. Who took her? I thought the voice sounded like Trick and he wasn't around at the Dal. It doesn't really make sense for it to be him though. 

If Lauren is with the Fae, it won't be long before she's back. Though, her terrorist background could be troublesome. She has some explaining to do, especially to Bo if she wants back into the fold. 

Lost Girl has my attention again. It's getting complicated. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how the relationships end up developing. Dyson and Tamsin were adorable. And, Bo needs to work on her relationships with everyone, most importantly with herself. 

Is Bo really Dark Fae?

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Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kenz, since when do you fly solo? I'm back. We're back. Baby got back together like.


Dyson: If you want to unwind later we could....
Bo: Go shopping.
Dyson: Go shopping. Yeah.
Bo: If you're good, you can go in all the stores.
Dyson: If you're good I'll max out your credit cards ... twice.