Bones Picture Preview: Look Who's Back!

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It's amazing but true: Bones will become even better looking than usual Monday, March 10 when it returns to its old time slot at 8/7c.

That's because Freddie Prinze, Jr. is back as CIA Agent Danny Beck!

Beck gets involved with Bones Season 9 Episode 16 ("The Source in the Sludge") when a CIA informant is found dead (in the sludge, ya think?) leading Booth and Beck on the hunt for an Afghani terrorist.

Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan are going through some personal issues as they encounter insurance problems about the nature of their work - specifically two parents doing dangerous field work together. 

The magic of Bones depends upon Booth and Brennan being together in the field, so I'm sure they'll work it out, but it will be interesting to see the story unfold as they continue their journey as parents in the workplace.

If you need a refresher on all things related to the couple, you can watch Bones online for a crash course! And you can click through pictures from the upcoming hour now:

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