The Mentalist Review: Being Hunted

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Thankfully, last week's ho-hum installment appears to have been an anomaly, as The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 12 proved that the show was as good as ever. 

As a matter of fact, several things about "The Golden Hammer" left me smiling.

Tea With the FBI

First off, even though they worked separate ends of the investigation for awhile, there were still enough scenes with Jane and Lisbon working together for me to enjoy their banter such as in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm not your boss. Why would you say that?
Lisbon: Just sometimes now you act like you are.
Jane: We're equals. Partners.
Lisbon: Fine. Just remember that.

Lisbon's definitely a little off balance with their new dynamic but it was great to hear that Jane thinks of them as equals. I never truly doubted it but it was still good to actually use the word partner.

The case of the week was fun because Jane was in his element trying to crack the code, but still working as part of the team. I was also happy to see Agent Abbott back and fighting to get Jane the security clearance he needed. No matter how Abbott might feel about Jane personally, he obviously respects his abilities. 

How funny was Jane getting hit by Curtis? It was such a wimpy slap that I'd be embarrassed to arrest him. And I'm not even sure I want to know what Jane whispered in the man's ear. 

As for Avery, I picked her as the murderer right from the beginning. She was just too darn perky. 

Patrick was the one taken aback to hear that Teresa had a date. He certainly didn't seem thrilled to hear that Osvaldo was flying in on his private jet with his tasseled loafers to take Lisbon out to dinner no matter what his reason was. Even later while he and Lisbon chatted on the bench, he still questioned whether the man had contacted her for more personal reasons.

And how cute was Jane when he flirted with her about her hat?

But the truth of the matter was that Osvaldo was really scared and he needed to find someone he could trust. Then Lisbon sent him to Wayne and Grace.

Okay, what was up with Grace's hair? I don't want to be mean but those bangs made her look like a sheepdog.

Moving on…it was nice to see the the two of them looking so happy and their baby was just adorable. And Risby eating in the car was downright comforting. It's good to know that some things don't change.

But I spent each scene waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something felt off, as though something evil was lurking behind every door.

I found myself talking to my TV as Wayne entered that dark basement looking for Osvaldo. He's not in law enforcement anymore. He's probably not armed and can't call for backup other than dialing 911. 

When he found Osvaldo who had been tortured and killed, I couldn't tell if Wayne was reaching for his phone or his gun which was no longer on his hip.

Then Grace was sent the list: Osvaldo Ardiles, Salvador Palacios, Grace Van Pelt, Mike Riner, Kimball Cho, Mark Hochman, Claudia Chavez, Wayne Rigsby, Chris Kieffer, Teresa Lisbon, Deborah Chenier and Patrick Jane.

One small complaint. Jane's ID said Special Agent. Would he really have had such credentials as a consultant? I don't think so.

But what do all of these people have in common and why does it appear they're being hunted? It obviously links back to the CBI. Is it the Blake Association seeking retribution or is this something else entirely?

Whatever the answers, at this point I'm thrilled with the mystery and I can't wait to see more.

And I know it's snarky, but I have to know what you think, TV Fanatics. Tell me your thoughts on Grace's hair.

The Golden Hammer Review

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Jane: I'm not your boss. Why would you say that?
Lisbon: Just sometimes now you act like you are.
Jane: We're equals. Partners.
Lisbon: Fine. Just remember that.

This room makes me feel like I'm in an aquarium and everyone's looking at me.