Teen Wolf Review: Elektra Woman and WTF?

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Was it just me... or was Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15 one whacked out installment of this MTV hit?

I watched the entire hour twice and I'm still not sure what I saw. It felt a bit as if it was happening in a dream state, but that part of the series has taken a back seat, right?

Did anyone else find it extremely odd that while a murderer was on the loose, Scott was having a date at Kira's? That's so unlike Scott, to be out of the action like that. 

It was as if the hour consisted of vignettes instead of one streamlined plot to follow. Sure, we had the Barrow escaping story prevalent throughout the entire installment, but everything else felt like pieces that didn't make the same puzzle.

There were some fun moments. The pranks on Coach are always cool, and I liked what they did with the screws and nails. That was brilliant. Those are some smart high school students.

Aiden and Ethan were looking for an Alpha and a pack, and when they were turned down as untrustworthy, they decided to go back to high school where they can at least get a piece of tail. Aiden catching Lydia was a lot easier than Ethan's pursuit of Danny. Ethan should have known Danny would be a catch.

When Isaac finally made a move on Allison and she rebuffed him for being a werewolf, his slick move of removing his shirt and looking sexy was a winner. She countered only to have her dad walk in and he wasn't angry that she was topless with a dude, but with a werewolf. 

In an offshoot story in it's own little world, Derek and Peter continued playing with the jar they got from the ash chest. Inside were Talia Hale's claws. Derek wanted to use them for a ritual of some sort, but we don't know why or what he learned. We did get an idea that Peter didn't want to know what Talia might have told Derek about him.

After everyone tried to keep the kids safe from Barrow, it was as simple as conking Scott on the head and taking someone away. That was one of the funniest approaches to conking I've ever seen. I replayed it a few times because of how funny Barrow looked in his approach and the funny jump before hitting him.

Up for grabs was Kira, and Barrow even left a code on the blackboard at the school in case anyone dared to track him. Potassium, iodine and radium. Thanks Barrow.

Lydia got to use her banshee powers to hunt down Barrow and they worked quite well. Barrow had Kira tied up and was ready to electrocute her but instead she rose up and sucked all of the electricity into her arms. What the hell is Kira? Is that a Kitsune? I don't recall hearing anything about electricity in that tale of the were-fox.

Since Barrow was looking specifically for Kira to kill, and she has this Electra Woman thing going on, and Barrow previously killed kids with yellow eyes, might Scott be attracted to Kira because of her electrical pull? 

I admit I'm grasping at straws here, but really -- what the hell?

When Kira sucked the electricity out of the city, Isaac wound up stuck in a dark room, surrounded by masked, somewhat robed, dark figures who wouldn't let the Argents in to help him. They were obviously tied to the mask Isaac and Allison saw while doing research, but how does it fit? Another WTF moment in an hour full of them.  

I'm wondering if Barrow is still alive, his essence in the electricity, like he had those flies in his gut. Why else did the mask come into play? Nothing seemed to tie together, so I hope they all make sense somewhere down the road.

If it made more sense to you, by all means, share your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to know what my thick skull was incapable of processing.

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