Parks and Recreation Review: Sexting, Texting and Mex-Texting

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Before I dive into a review of Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 10, a few words on getting to that big celebratory, coveted network number, 100 episodes.

I doubt that many people thought this series would get that far. Not based on the quality of the show, obviously, but based on ratings.

I'm beyond grateful that this sitcom has made its way into syndication, but also was given the chance to breathe a little. I don't know of a comedy that has more heart, better humor, and is consistently thoughtful and provocative about politics in the way this series is.

So, cheers to Parks and Recreation, a comedic series that actively brings more laughter to my life. 

Big News

Tonight's episode, aptly titled, "Second Chunce" gave us a nice look at how our favorite characters have grown through the years, taking what they've learned and turning that into their second chances.

Tom isn't spending money frivolously and investing in a business with Jean Ralphio. Instead, he's taking advice from April and creating a position for himself that will allow him to creatively involve himself in the Pawnee business world. Tom is saavy and has learned from his past mistakes. I look forward to seeing how his new position suits him.

As for Leslie, I almost felt conflicted about how no one seemed to want to help her run for councilwoman against the sexter, but that changed once I realized what position the show was taking: yes, your career is hugely important, and for a woman as ambitious as Leslie, it is more than that.

But what's making her happiest in tonight's episode? The fact that she has Ben who knows what she needs. And what Leslie needed was to talk to someone who will get her to think bigger than Pawnee. Enter Jennifer Barkley.

I love that Ben knows exactly the right thing to do for Leslie and that Leslie is so receptive to it. And then he sweeps her off to Paris? Well done, sir! Well. Done!

As for Chris and Ann's second chance? I'd say their renewed relationship, the baby, the true happiness? Those two are over the moon and even though their storyline wasn't my favorite tonight, I'm still thrilled for them.

I want another 100 episodes, please! Let's make it happen viewers. 

What do you guys think? Will Leslie will run for state senator?


Second Chunce Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!


Ben: Today is Leslie’s last day as a counselor, so everyone needs to be extra supportive.
Ron: Already done. When I walked past her this morning, I gave her a kind nod.